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District Planning for Race To The Top Implementation

The resources at this page are designed to help districts construct multi-year plans for Race To The Top (RTTT) Implementation. We have developed a protocol that you can use to assess your implementation of RTTT/Regents Reform Agenda, too.

District Race To The Top Plan

This is an example of a two-year plan that districts can use as starting points for their own long-term planning. So far, we've been in a reactive mode as news and expectations have been communicated to us. In order to get it all done, however, districts need a proactive plan that begins with the end in mind.

SED has published their list of metrics and expectations for 2013-2104, along with a self-assessment tool for superintendents and district leaders.


Race To The Top Road Map

Although this tool came out last year it is still as relevant as ever. The map illustrates the progression of implementation for CCLS, DDI, and APPR. Culture, while not a separate track on the Road Map, is important. It permeates all of the work.

District Race to the Top Plan Self-Assessment

This is a protocol and tool that can be used by an administrative team to self-assess progress on their District Race to the Top Plan”.

Faculty Meeting Plans

What are the faculty meeting plans for the year? Look at the "principals map" and talk about the topics that have been identified for the faculty meetings for the year. Do they makes sense? Do the messages on district-wide conference days correspond and support the message in faculty meetings in buildings?

SED Resources

The State Education Department has started to provide some tools for implementation in districts. They've revised their metrics document, provided planning templates, and prepared several different checklists. It is packaged as a "workbook" and is advertised to assist superintendents, DSs, and Network Team with the work.


RTTT Reporting Documents Help

  • No cost extention for 2014-2015 sample langauge
  • 2013-2014 Final Expenditure Report Directions
  • SOW Addendum Example (located in the SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System part of the portal)
  • RTTT amounts (including remaining allocation for no cost extension year, may not reflect last-minute additions from SED but OK to use)






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