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Jessica Whisher-Hehl
Jessica Whisher-Hehl
Science Center Coordinator

Welcome to the Center for Innovative Science Education

The OCM BOCES Center for Innovative Science Education supports educators in providing cohesive and authentic K-12 science learning experiences that allow students to understand and develop curiosity about the natural world and the connection between science and their life, while also developing students ability to think critically, solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and cognitively engage in the practices of science.

To contact us or order living materials, we can be reached by phone at 315.433.2671 or online using the Contact Link.


NY Science Learning Standards

The New York State P-12 Learning Standards were adopted at the December 2016 Board of Regents (BOR) meeting. These standards will become effective beginning July 2, 1017. However, the phase in will be over several years. The December BOR item identifies three phases. The June BOR item identified a potential schedule. Please note the June timeline represents the earliest possible change in assessment. 

Science Leadership Resources

The Science Leadership Network consists of regional district, building and teacher leaders. This group meets several times a year to engage in professional inquiry with  the goal of continuous collaborative improvement of K-12 science learning in the the region. This year the group is focused on preparing for the upcoming New York State Science Learning Standards by studying A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (NRC, 2012). 

Science Kit Teacher Scheduling for 2017-18 School Year

  • For questions, changes, or additions, please contact the Science Center at 315-433-2671 or email

Science Kits and Programs

Our Science Kits provide teachers with the sequential lessons and materials needed to engage students, promote a positive attitude.  Our science units develop inquiry and problem solving skills, as well as learn developmentally appropriate science content.

In addition to our science and health programs we offer the following:

Teacher Resources

Access to Teacher Resource Website, Science Kit Book List, OCM BOCES Curriculum Resource Center, NYSED ...

Science for All! — Nov. 7th, 2017

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Science Center Event Calendar

Science Kit Training Schedule & Registration

View the training schedule and/or register for a session. We are now using My Learning Plan for all training registrations.

Elementary & Intermediate Science Test

Information about the upcoming ELS (Elementary Level Science) and ILS (Intermediate Level Science) Test administration dates and training on administering/scoring the performance section.


Enterprise America Program

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Enterprise America is now a service offered through the School Library System! This amazing learning program for middle school students includes several weeks of class-room curriculum aligned to Common Core and NYS Learn-ing Standards. As an Enterprise America teacher, you’ll prepare your students by having them explore what it takes to make a modern American city work, from local government to business to wellness and media. Then, you and your students will take that knowledge and put it into practice by running the Enterprise America “city” for a day. Please note: This program is now handled by the OCM BOCES School Library System (SLS).






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Phone: (315) 433-2600

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