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Welcome to OCM BOCES Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing (CoSer #670)
Through cooperative efforts by OCM BOCES and school districts throughout New York State, districts can save money by participating in cooperative purchasing. In calendar year 2010, OCM BOCES identified potential savings of over $2 million to those participating in this service.
Districts are permitted by law to join together and pool quantities of particular commodities for competitive bidding. Cooperative purchasing typically allows districts to recognize some level of cost savings as vendors may offer more favorable pricing to districts since the commodity is being bid out in greater volume.
School districts will also realize savings in other areas since cooperative purchasing does not require them to devote as much of their staff’s time, efforts and resources toward procuring items as if they were to do so on their own.
OCM BOCES continues to work to expand cooperative purchasing opportunities for districts. In addition to the cooperative bids listed below, OCM BOCES is working on projects in the areas of cafeteria kitchen equipment, oils & lubricants, school bus and automotive parts, and several other areas of interest identified by districts.
Current OCM BOCES cooperative bids are:
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Athletic and Physical Education Equipment & Supplies
  • Cafeteria Foods and Related Kitchen Supplies
  • Computer Software
  • Computers, Related Peripheral Items, Network Equipment
  • Copy Paper and Envelopes
  • Custodial Supplies
  • Trash Liners
  • Fuels
  • Newsletter, Calendar Printing, and related Graphic Design Services
  • Graphing and Scientific Calculators
  • Student Agendas
For assistance, please contact:
Sean Joyce, Manager of Central Services


Mary Weidman, Assistant School Purchasing Officer
Fax: 315-431-8444
Last updated on 3/16/2015
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