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BCIC January 2015

Here is the agenda (and minutes) for the January 8, 2015, BCIC meeting (slides). The meeting is 8:30-10:30a and will be held in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room.

Welcomes and Introductions

Updates and News

SED Updates
Legislative Updates
Ending the Public School Monopoly
Raise Charter School Limit
APPR salvos via Malatras
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CI&A) (webpage)
To view the current listing, click here.
Instructional Technology & Design at the CNYRIC (webpage)
The next ITD Talks session is a panel about the flipped classroom model.
The recent Beyond the Buzz was distributed. It suggests trends in technology integration.
Teacher Centers
Michael Grinder
April 29th leader emphasis
April 30th teacher emphasis
Turning High-Poverty Schools into High-Performing Schools
Kathleen Budge
Takes it to practical level
May 19th (note: Jeff gave wrong date at meeting)
Echoes and Reflections Holocaust PD
February 27, Cortland
Higher Education
SUNY Cortland Center for the Preparation of 21st Century Teachers
Focus in five areas
1.Data Informed Instruction
2.Project-Based Learning
3.Clinically Rich Practices
4.Communicating about Science
5.High Leverage Practices
CNY NYS ASCD (webpage) meeting schedule for the year:
February 12, 2015 Evidence of 6 & 7. NYS Teaching Standards 6 & 7 are all about our actions as professionals. In the new APPR it is important to provide evidence of our professional responsibilities, collaboration, and growth. We’ll talk about these Teaching Standards and the evidence we use. Located at the SCSD Professional Development Center.
March 18, 2015 Visible Learning. We use the term “research-based strategies” quite frequently, but what are the teaching and school strategies that are actually most supported in research? Location TBA
May 13, 2015 Annual Meeting. Join us to celebrate another great year for CNY NYS ASCD and to start planning for the next. Location TBA
 School Library System (SLS)
Feedback on the Regional E-Book Collection idea was positive. Here are some examples of other regional purchases.  The SLS will go ahead an add a line for this in wincap. Look for a reminder in email, soon.

District Sharing

January: Chittenango
Sonday System info (note: CI&A/Literacy Programs will also share their info about this at next BCIC meeting)
Rachel's Challenge event flyer    upload   video

February: Liverpool will share some information about Standards-Based reporting
March: Lyncourt will share information about PLC and RtI

Standards (and Curriculum)

Social Studies
Outline of the Changes (page)  (slides) 
Field Guide has been released.
Social Studies Leadership Network (dates listed here)
Getting Ready for Social Studies regional project
C3 w/ SG Grant (January 29, 4-6p session, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room) click to register
Bridging from the C3 to New York w/ Greg Ahlquist (February 10, 4-6p session, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room) click to register
NYSCSS Annual Conference, March 11-14, Syracuse link to NYSCSS
Opening the Toolkit w/ Pat Polan (April 16, 4-6p session, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room) click to register
UbD and Social Studies w/ Jay McTighe May 14 & 15, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room) click to register
CI&A support for summer curriculum writing
Structure: (NYS Field Guide and AP US History Curriculum Framework Evidence Planner)
Key Ideas
Standards, Themes (and mapping out the year)
Essential and Compelling Questions
Specific Content
Suggested resources, materials, primary and secondary sources
Formative and Summative Tasks
Survey Monkey Responses (10 responses so far)
June 29-July 2 (9/10 responses)
July 7-10 (still reserve?)
Grade band approach
Facilitated days but each district team work on own curriculum (6/10 with 2 responses for both and two responses for collaboratively develop curriculum)
Project-Based Learning
PBL 2015 dates are August 3-4-5 at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool or possibly OnCenter
PBL 101 cohorts are being added (and filling up) as fast as possible
Now booking for late January (McEvoy location)
In late April, there is a cohort for only secondary education teachers.
Registration is now open for a May cohort, too. 
Cohorts for the summer are being scheduled for both before and after PBLNY (but not embedded in PBLNY)
PBL primers are scheduled to occur at all Principal Meetings
PBL 401 , 402, and 403 leadership training and coaching will be offered later in the year, following the presentations to all principal groups
Literacy Leadership Network (next meeting is January 28th)
Still collecting information about math program used in districts.
Click here to submit
Visit here to see the responses
Geometry implementation groups are working
A2 groups are just forming
The Statewide Strategic Plan for science was presented to the Board of Regents. That plan included the recommendation to adapt (and not adopt) the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The Statewide Plan for Science will be open for public comment this fall. A summary of the public comment will be presented to the Board of Regents in January 2015. Adaption, rather than adoption, is likely.
The Board of Regents viewed an update about arts standards. Adaption, rather than adoption, is likely.

Data (and Assessment)

Assessment choices this year
Algebra Options were clarified. The only students who can take the IA exam are those who started their algebra prior to this year
Geometry Options were discussed. Most districts are going to offer both.
ELA Options: option of both tests expanded to this year. Please update the Regional chart for tracking our decisions
No r
egional scoring for Regents exams is scheduled
Standards-Based Grading and Reporting
Fall, 2015 offerings (with CiTi and CNY/Oswego Teacher Center?)
October 13th Regional Conference Day Event with Guskey and Jung? Or, November 3rd? O'Connor and Dueck have also been contacted.

Professional Practice (APPR and Pedagogy)

Lead Evaluator Training
Principal Evaluator Training
Book Read
We postponed our discussion of chapters 3 & 4 and now 5
Michael Fullan explains the Three Keys in this video (which we watched)


DTSDE Rubric and Process -- rescheduled for February meeting
Explore the rubric and process
CSA committee exploring use in a SACI-like process
Regional Vision Update (page)
PBL NY 2015 advance information
No PBL 101 embedded (but available in summer)
Expanded format (optional closing keynotes)
Cost and staged registration by the end of the month

Professional Learning Community
Planning series of Interactive Video Conferences to Connect Mike Mattos to PLC at Work Institute
Tim Brown, January 14, 2015 , 4:00-5:30 pm, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room
Ken Williams, March 4, 2015, 4:00-5:30 pm, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room
A PLC Approach to Behavior, David Karam & Jim Wright, May 7, 2015, 4:00-5:30 pm, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room
Anthony Muhammad, June 17, 2015, 4:00-5:30 pm, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room
The PLC at Work Institute is August 12-14, 2105. Registration for the discounted (through school improvement) seats is now active.
Registration is staged: 
OCM only through February 15th
Mid-State JMT through March 15th
NY afterward (if remaining)

Regional Vision

Community and Board presentations continue
Innovation Tech 
Working with southern CSAs to find a New Tech South location -- looking to stay on the timetable with September 2016 opening


District Race to the Top Planning & Self-Assessment
Resources you can use, including maps, plans, and assessment tools
What have you been able to do?
Resources to help you with this are posted.

Future Meeting Planning

The next BCIC meeting is February 12th in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room.  The DTSDE presentation (and discussion) will be the focus. At the March meeting, RtI will be the focus.