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Main Operator 315.433.2600
District Superintendent 315.433.2602
Adult Education 315.453.4455
Business Office 315.433.2614
CNYRIC 315.433.8300
Instructional Support       315.433.2627
Student Services 315.433.2604
Labor Relations 315.433.2629
Personnel 315.433.2631

OCM BOCES Central Business Office

Business Office Support Services (CBO) & STAC Support Services:  CoSer 605

Central Business Office Services - The Central Business Office provides 'back office' support for accounting functions to school districts such as accounts payable, claims auditing, payroll, and ledger accounting.  Services can be customized to meet the specific needs identified by districts.  Business Office Support Services staff will be trained in all aspects of business office operations.

STAC Support Services - OCM BOCES staff, in collaboration with staff in the district's special programs department and business office, assists in the identification of students eligible for High Cost aid and the reporting of data to ensure accuracy and timely compliance with state aid filing deadlines.

For more information contact:
Jolean Bliss

Hours of operation Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Staff Name Title Phone Email Area of Responsibility
Central Business Office
Jolean Bliss CBO Manager 315-433-2278 Management of all functions
  Account Clerk II 315-433-2662 Accounts Payable
Richard Jenkins Account Clerk II 315-433-2617 Accounts Payable, Claims Auditing & Payroll
Donna McCormick Account Clerk II 315-433-2215 Accounts Payable, Claims Auditing & Payroll
Natalie Radford Account Clerk II 315-433-2282 Accounts Payble & Claims Auditing
Teresa Renk Account Clerk III 315-433-2669 Accounts Payable & Claims Auditing
Gabrielle Rizzo Treasurer 315-433-2216 Accounting
Courtney Spraker Treasurer 315-433-8344 Accounting
Lacey White Account Clerk III 315-433-2658 Claims Auditing, Payroll
Mary Wicks Account Clerk II 315-453-4685 Accounts Payable, Payroll
STAC Processing
Dennis Hill Manager of Payroll & Specialized Services 315-433-2626 STAC Processing
Ivette Kashmer STAC Specialist 315-433-8311 STAC Processing
Lacey White STAC Specialist 315-433-2658 STAC Processing

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