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Records Management - CoSer 680-1


Lynda Russell
Lynda Russell
p: (315) 431-8584

Welcome to the OCM BOCES Records Management web page. Managing records can be overwhelming. It takes time and resources to properly store and purge records. The OCM BOCES Records Management Service will lead you through the development of a New York state and federally compliant, comprehensive records management program. We will work with you to craft a plan that fits your budget and goals. 


Why is it important?

School districts produce many documents of value for legal, historical, administrative and fiscal reasons. District records include:

  • Personnel
  • Student Attendance
  • Medical
  • Achievement files
  • Budget documents
  • Meeting minutes
  • Capital projects
  • Payroll
  • Purchase orders
  • Tax collection
  • Banking communications
  • Grants and special aid received
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable records

All these records must be maintained and disposed of in accordance with federal and state record retention requirements. Managing the flow of records cuts costs while increasing office efficiency.

OCM BOCES will inventory and organize district records in accordance with “Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1” as adopted by federal and state agencies for use by school districts. This service includes an inventory and location list of a district’s records to facilitate easier retrieval and the establishment of disposal dates.

Disposal of obsolete records can be coordinated to occur on-site or at the OCM BOCES facilities.