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Youth Development


The NYS Dignity Act Certification Course

OCM BOCES is pleased to offer the NYS Dignity Act Certification Course. Successful completion of this 6-hour course will meet the certificate requirements in 14(5) of Chapter 102 of the Laws of 2012.  The Dignity Act Course through OCM BOCES is made up of two parts. The first part is a 3-hour online, self-paced course and the second part is a 3-hour, virtual "live" class. The cost to register is $100.00.

The Dignity Act Certification Course addresses the social patterns of harassment, bullying, and discrimination, including but not limited to those acts based on a person’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex.  It also covers the identification and mitigation of harassment, bullying, and discrimination; and strategies for effectively addressing problems of exclusion, bias, and aggression. 


The Dignity Act Certification Course is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Upon registering for the course, you must complete the required prerequisite activities 3 business days before the virtual "live" portion of the course.

If you do not complete the prerequisite activities within the required timeframe
If you are unable to attend the course on the date that you registered, 
you would need to purchase another course date. 

To Register:

  1. Use the button below to proceed to the OCM BOCES Course Search screen.
  2. Once there, click the drop-down menu and select 'Dignity Act Certification (DASA)'. 
  3. The search results will show you all of our DASA courses currently available.
  4. Once you register for a Dignity Act Certification course, you will immediately receive an email receipt containing a link to the 3-hour self-paced online portion of the course.
  5. Within 48 hours you will receive directions to complete the remaining two prerequisite activities
Please Note: Check both your inbox and your spam folder for an email confirmation, link to the self-paced online portion of the course, and required paperwork. 
*The required prerequisites including the self-paced online coursework must be completed 3 business days prior to the scheduled virtual, live course.
Please Note: The Dignity Act Course Office is Open on Tuesday Mornings.

For more information please contact, Janel Payette at

Updated 10/24/2023