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Youth Development


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Janel Payette

Janel Payette

Coordinator of Consultant Support Services

Alcohol Drug Addiction Prevention Education Program Supervision and Monitoring, STOP Grant 2019, Home Instruction, Hospital Based Instruction, Grant Writing Service, Health and Wellness Kit Service, Itinerant Supervision, Special Education, Dignity Act and Mental Health Service, Medical Home Bound Tutoring.


Hillary O'Hagan

Hillary O'Hagan

Coordinator of MTSS & Community Schools

MTSS, Community Schools, Dignity Act & MH Service (DASA, SEL, MH, Behavior, Restorative Practices), Mid-State Suicide Prevention Training Hub, Home Instruction, SAMSHA MHAT Grants, Itinerant Services, SEL Leadership, Special Education.


Tracy James

Tracy James

Youth Development Specialist

Tracy was a classroom educator for 24 years before joining OCM BOCES Instructional Support Services in 2014 as a behavior specialist. Over the years, she has trained and supported numerous schools in the Central New York Region in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support. In addition to PBIS, Tracy offers professional development in Restorative Practices, Classroom Management, and Social Emotional Learning. She is a facilitator for the New York State Leadership in Social Emotional Learning. Tracy earned a B.S. in Education from SUNY Cortland, and an M.S. in Reading from SUNY Cortland.

Patrick Shaw

Patrick D. Shaw

Staff Development Specialist
Twitter: @pshaw63

Patrick Shaw joined OCM BOCES as a Staff Development Specialist in 2001. He was a former classroom teacher for the West Genesee, Marshfield, MA and Brookline, MA school districts. Patrick is a nationally certified trainer for the Responsive Classroom® approach from the Center for Responsive School, Turner Falls, MA. Patrick was also trained by The Buck Institute to provide workshops and coaching on Project-Based Learning. He is an instructional coach and also provides professional development in various areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment using the Instruction For All™ framework. He is a facilitator for the New York State Leaderships in Early Learning and Social Studies. Patrick holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, M.S. in Reading, and a CAS in Educational Administration from SUNY Cortland.