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OCM BOCES is still hiring Teaching Assistants for the 2022-2023 school year!

Interested in having evenings, weekends, holidays, and summers off?
Would you like to earn at least $20.73/hour and enjoy great benefits?
Would you like to help the students who need you most? Please email
if you are interested and look for the job opening below for more information.

Unclassified Vacancies
**Click here for the current Salary Schedule**
Date Posted Position Title Application Deadline
12/01/22 ESOL Teacher - Main Campus & off-site (Adult Ed) OPEN
11/30/22 Teaching Assistant (ADT-Special Education) OPEN
11/30/22 Office Technology Teacher (Adult Education) OPEN
11/22/22 Special Education Teacher - LaFayette Jr./Sr. HS 12/06/22
11/21/22 Mathematics Teacher (Part-time) CTE @ Thompson Road 12/05/22
11/21/22 Special Education Teacher - SKATE @ Central HS 12/05/22
11/17/22 Special Education Teacher - STAR @ Tully HS OPEN
11/17/22 Substitute Teachers - Innovative Education OPEN
11/10/22 Speech Therapist (Substitute) OPEN
11/09/22 Teaching Assistant-Interpreter OPEN
11/07/22 School Nurse - Substitute (Cortland County area) OPEN
11/07/22 Teaching Assistant Substitutes (various locations in Cortland County) OPEN
11/03/22 School Social Worker (Reynolds ES, Baldwinsville) OPEN
11/03/22 School Social Worker (SED K-6 @ Crown Road Campus) OPEN
11/03/22 Teacher-ESOL (Itinerant-2 positions) 11/17/22
11/01/22 School Counselor-ISS 11/15/22
10/31/22 Teacher - Special Education (SKATE @ Palmer E.S.) 11/14/22
10/14/22 Teacher - Special Education (Stellata 7-12 @ Crown Road) 10/31/22
10/14/22 Teacher - Literacy (Adult Ed-Cortland County) OPEN
10/07/22 School Social Worker - Cortlandville Campus-Turning Point (7-12) OPEN
10/04/22 Teacher - Science 9-12 (Cortlandville Campus Turning Point) OPEN
09/22/22 Speech Therapist - Cortland Campus and/or district-based classrooms in Cortland County OPEN
09/21/22 Teaching Assistants - 96% (Multiple positions in Onondaga County district-based programs) OPEN
09/20/22 School Social Worker (Daily Substitutes) OPEN
10/14/22 Social Studies Teacher - Alternative to Homebound-Innov Ed (Part-time) OPEN
10/14/22 Math Teacher - Alternative to Homebound-Innov Ed (Part-time) OPEN
09/09/22 Health Teacher - (Part-time) Thompson Road Campus (CTE) OPEN
09/09/22 Math Teacher - Port Watson Campus (Seven Valleys New Tech Academy) OPEN
09/09/22 Teaching Assistants (96%) in multiple positions in Cortland County OPEN
09/09/22   OPEN
07/21/22 Adult Ed Instructors - Multiple Locations (Various Trades) 08/04/22
10/07/22 Substitute Teachers - Thompson Road Campus (CTE) OPEN
10/07/22 Clinical Instructors (Full-time & Part-time positions) Adult Education OPEN
10/07/22 Clinical Instructor (PT) - Thompson Road Campus (CTE) OPEN
10/03/21 Job Coaches (CTE/Career Development) OPEN
07/29/22 Special Ed Teacher - Thompson Road Campus (Innovation Tech - LTS) OPEN
07/28/22 Job Coaches - Onondaga County OPEN
07/26/22 Substitute Teachers & Teaching Assistants - Cortlandville (CTE) OPEN
07/18/22 Teacher - Special Ed & GED (Cortlandville) OPEN
07/01/22 English Language Arts Teacher - Seven Valleys New Tech Academy OPEN
07/01/22 Substitute Teaching Assistants - Thompson Road Campus (CTE) OPEN
06/30/22 School Social Worker - Thompson Road (CTE) OPEN
03/30/22 Literacy Instructor - Cortland County/Cortland County Jail (Adult Ed) OPEN

Please refer to the detailed Vacancy Notice(s) for specific procedures on how to apply.

Classified Vacancies

Date Posted Position Title Application Deadline
11/30/22 Cook Manager  12/16/22
11/23/22 Account Clerk II - Energy Services OPEN
11/23/22 Account Clerk III (INTERNAL POSTING) 11/30/22
11/21/22 Systems Consultant - Digital Records (INTERNAL POSTING) 11/28/22
11/19/22 Administrative Aide - Special Education 12/04/22
11/17/22 Information Aide - Certification Office, Main Campus 12/02/22
11/14/22 Systems Consultant - Financial Services OPEN
11/10/22 Director - Labor Relations OPEN
11/10/22 Administrative Assistant - Personnel Department 11/24/22
11/10/22 Assistant Systems Consultant - Financial Services OPEN
11/02/22 Typist II Cortland Alternative School, Cortland OPEN
10/27/22 School Nurse (Itinerant-Cortland County) OPEN
10/27/22 School Nurse (Itinerant-Onondaga County) OPEN
10/24/22 Information Systems Coordinator - CNYRIC (Food Services) OPEN
10/24/22 Typist II-Special Education @ Cortlandville Campus, Cortland 11/07/22
09/20/22 Typist II - Innovative Education @ Thompson Road, Syracuse OPEN
09/14/22 Account Clerk II - CNYRIC - Operations/Projects 09/30/22
09/14/22 Account Clerk II - CNYRIC - Digital Printing 09/30/22

Instructional applicants click here for an online application through OLAS

Non-Instructional applicants click here for the OCM BOCES Employment Application.

Classified vacancies are Civil Service positions and may require an appointment from an existing eligibility list.  If you have Civil Service questions, please feel free to contact the Recruitment Office at (315) 433-2634 or

For information on civil service requirements, testing, and procedures, visit:
Onondaga County Department of Personnel / Exam Info

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