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BCIC February 2016

Here is the agenda for the February 4, 2016, BCIC meeting (slides). The meeting is 8:30-10:30a and will be held in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room. The topic for the meeting is mental health.

Welcomes and Introductions

Updates and News

SED Update
APPR Update slides (transition)  (webpage)
Legislative Updates
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CI&A) (webpage)
Instructional Technology & Design at the CNYRIC (webpage)
Teacher Centers
Higher Education
CNY NYS ASCD (webpage)
March 10 (West Genesee High School): Talking About Standards-Based Grading
May 11 (Laci’s Tapas Bar): Talking about CNY NYS ASCD
K-12 Counseling  Update 

District Sharing

February: Baldwinsville
March: Liverpool (ENL)
April: Chittenango
May: FM
June: ESM

Standards (and Curriculum)

Social Studies
Impending PD opportunities:

Data (and Assessment)

Updating the regional chart of programs, modules, and assessment choices.
Districts and schools are continuing with their transitions to Standards-Based Grading and Reporting

Professional Practice (APPR and Pedagogy)

APPR transition update


Mental Heath Update (Kathy Miller, Youth Development Department)
Mental Health Info sheet
Trauma fact sheet
Suggestions for Educators
Regional Vision Update
Professional Learning Community
What about the Solution Tree video collection?

Future Meeting Planning

The next BCIC meeting is February 4th in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room. The March topic has been changed to "What Works for Struggling Readers" and will feature a review of research about effective interventions.