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BCIC September 2015

Here is the agenda (and minutes) for the September 17, 2015, BCIC meeting (slides). The meeting is 8:30-10:30a and will be held in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room.

Welcomes and Introductions

Updates and News

SED Updates
AIS flexibility extension (Regents agenda item)
3-8 stand-alone field tests will be available in a computer-based format for all interested schools (memo)
3-8 assessments will be available in a computer-based format next year (memo)
Counselor regulation changes are progressing and should be settled in December (item)
ELLs and Part 154
Under the revised C.R. Part 154 regulations here are some key areas:
•Changes to the delivery of ENL services will impact all districts. These changes affect all teachers (i.e. content, ESOL)
•Changes to how districts and school buildings support, track and monitor English Language Learners. 
•Changes to PD requirements for all stake holders, even districts with no ELLs.
•Changes to CEP plans for ELLs for all districts, even districts with no ELLs who must have a plan in place. 
Also of note:
•CR Part 154 Data Reports All forms are due September 30, 2015. Link -
•LEAs with ELLs must submit ALL forms in the CR Part 154 Data/Information Report.
•ƒLEAs with NO ELLs must submit forms A-1 and A-4.
•ƒAll LEAs must submit the “2015-2016 CR Part 154 LEA General Information Form” signed in blue ink by the Chief District Administrative Officer (original signature required). 
Sessions have been scheduled (flyer with information):
•Oct 19 - Rodax 8 Large  4:00p - 7:00p
•Oct 23 - Rodax 8 Large all day for 2 sessions 8:30a to 11:30a or
12:30a to 3:30a
•Oct 26 - McEvoy - all day for 2 sessions 8:30a to 11:30a or 12:30p  to 3:30p
Legislative Updates
Governor's Commission on Common Core
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CI&A) (webpage)
Training and events are advertised:
PD enews
Weekly Dispatch
Districts have on-site days, Lynn is meeting with districts to make sure these are planned and scheduled sooner rather than later.
Instructional Technology & Design at the CNYRIC (webpage)
Professional development opportunities
ITD talks: information about October 21st session
Teacher Centers
Fall offerings list
Will be supporting the regional work again this year
New Teacher Welcome Project was September 17th, 25-30 teachers attended from a variety of districts
Higher Education
SUNY Cortland will share information about their placement 
CNY NYS ASCD (webpage) meeting schedule for the year:
October 14, 2015 Talking About Coaching
Coaches and teachers will share their experiences and lead a discussion about coaching. Here’s the flyer; click here to sign up for the meeting. The meeting will be held at Willowfield Elementary School in Liverpool (on Route 31).
December 15, 2015 Talking About Homework
Cathy Vatterott (AKA the Homework Lady) will share her ideas about good homework at ESM High School.
March 10, 2016 Talking About Standards-Based Grading
As part of the regional conversation about Standards-Based Grading and Reporting, we'll take a look at the progress some schools have made and look for some lessons.
May 11, 2016 
Annual Meeting
Join us to celebrate another great year for CNY NYS ASCD and to start planning for the next. Location TBA
Registration and light refreshments are available at 4:30p, updates given at 4:45p, and the meeting topic will begin at 5p. The meeting will adjourn at 6p.To RSVP for the next meeting, 
click here. Not a member? Click here to join!

District Sharing

September: Schedule districts (please contact Jeff to reserve your month)
October: Share how preparing for November 3rd and other Standards-Based Grading and Reporting efforts

Standards (and Curriculum)

Social Studies
Several opportunities to the summer curriculum work are planned.
The leadership group work will continue this year
New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS)
•Mirror the NGSS
•First round of edits made in Summer 2015
•Reviewed by NYS Science Steering Committee
•Second round of standards writers editing standards in late September
•Draft NYSSLS expected late October
Planning for NYSSLS Short term
•Science Leadership Network – Oct. 7th
•PD focused on Framework – Oct. 20th
•Open informational review of Draft NYSSLS on Nov. 4th or 18th (4-6 pm)
•Pilot Study for future elementary science curriculum this year
•Using a systematic review process
Planning for NYSSLS Long term
•Planned and deliberate phase-in of new curriculum materials informed by assessment timetable
•Compressive and cohesive professional development plan
•Continuous improvement plan – ongoing research of student and teacher learning
•Differentiated teacher professional development plan
Short-term Implementation Plan
1.Understanding context of new standards
2.Building regional shared understanding of standards
3.Professional Development to understand  second order shift to new standards
4.Transition to new science curriculum materials with associated PD
Start with the Framework: A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (NRC, 2012)
•Science for ALL students to prepare them for their future
•Science education is not about creating engineers and scientists
•Learning progression
•Coherent and cohesive K-12 learning experience
•Focused on a core set of cross cutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and scientific and engineering practices NOT focused on discrete facts
•Instruction focused on understanding essential phenomena (not teaching topics)
“The NGSS require a much deeper understanding of the phenomena as opposed to the memorization of the vocabulary alone.” (Pruitt, 2014, p. 154).
Science Center Plan
1.Regional deep understanding of Framework
2.Develop shared understanding of standards
3.Assessment (state and local)
4.Professional development – on going and differentiated
5.Continuous improvement of curriculum materials and teacher supports
Project Based Learning
Connections 2015 event
Find information about training here
•Reading Recovery
Sonday System-Oct 15
•Essential Foundations- LETRS- Canceled

Data (and Assessment)

Common Formative Assessment Work
Discussion about 3-8 Assessment
The option to take both the old A2T and new A2 is has been added.
Standards-Based Grading and Reporting
Purpose of grading sort activity (reproducible)
Example survey of grading practices (MAKE A COPY IN YOU OWN DRIVE)
Review of the plan for the year
Guskey and Jung November 3rd -- getting ready?
Vatterott December 16th
Dueck February 9th
Distribute "canon"
Distribute the two books; choose; decide what to read for next time
Information about using state scores in school grades (article)
Link to South Gelns Falls' elementary report card guide and 

Professional Practice (APPR and Pedagogy)

APPR 3012-d update


Regional Vision Update (slides)
Community presentations
Innovation Tech now 9-11 grade
New Tech South update
Professional Learning Community
The summer event went well. 
RTI at Work Institute at OnCenter, June 28-30 (we will have 200 discounted seats)


Insert notes here

Future Meeting Planning

The next BCIC meeting is October 22nd in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room. Please be prepared to discuss your reading assignment. Immediately after the meeting, Solution Tree will be here to demo their online PD tools. We can explore these regionally, if there is interest. Here's an overview and here's a recorded webinar.