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Literacy & Humanities


Social Studies

Janel Payette
Kathryn Daughton
e: kdaughton@ocmboces.or
p: (315)  431-8419

Our mission is to provide high-quality professional learning in support of social studies instruction, to advocate for social studies and civics education, to center equity, justice, and democracy, and to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn their history, to see themselves in their social studies classrooms, and be empowered to better their world.  


Seal of Civic Readiness 

The Seal of Civic Readiness, modeled on the existing Seal of Biliteracy, is a formal recognition that a student has attained a high level of proficiency in terms of civic knowledge, civic skills, civic mindset and civic experiences.
To obtain the Seal of Civic Readiness, a student must complete all requirements for a New York State local or Regents diploma and earn a specified number of points, to be outlined in guidance issued by the Department, in two areas: Civic Knowledge and Civic Participation.

  • Civic Knowledge: Students may demonstrate proficiency in civic knowledge by earning credit in Social Studies courses, receiving a passing or mastery score on a Social Studies Regents Exam, or completing a civic readiness research project.
  • Civic Participation: Students may demonstrate proficiency in civic participation by completing a culminating high school civics project, completing a service learning project, achieving proficiency in a civic engagement elective course, or participating in an extra-curricular program or work-based learning experience that promotes civic engagement or civic action for a minimum of 40 hours. Students may also earn points by completing a middle school Capstone project or a high school Capstone project.
Civic Readiness Pathway to a High School Diploma

The Department proposed a rule to allow students who earn the Seal of Civic Readiness to apply that accomplishment toward a +1 Civic Readiness pathway to a diploma. The proposed pathway would allow students to graduate with a regular diploma when they have demonstrated the State's standards for academic achievement in math, English, science, social studies and the State's requirements for civic readiness knowledge and skills necessary for college, career and citizenship after high school.  
 The Civics Readiness pathway would be added to the existing +1 pathways to a diploma that currently include STEM-Math, STEM, Science, Humanities, Arts, CTE, CDOS and World languages.

Next Steps
Schools participating in the pilot for the Seal of Civic Readiness completed a self-assessment application and submitted it to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction for approval. Schools meeting the Department’s criteria will begin the pilot in September 2021. Participating schools will be expected to provide examples of lessons and activities that will be included in the final Seal manual as exemplars for the Seal of Civic Readiness.
The Department will collect information and resources from outside organizations that provide guidance on civics education during the pilot. Using the information attained from the pilot, the Department will then finalize and publish the Seal manual that will include the approved criteria for offering and attaining the Seal, along with analytical data from the pilot. Pending the success of the pilot, the Department projects that in the 2022-23 school year, the Seal of Civic Readiness will be an option for all NYS school districts that wish to apply.

If adopted at the September 2021 meeting, the proposed rule will become effective on September 29, 2021 (from NEWS RELEASE: BOARD OF REGENTS ACTS ON MEASURES TO PROMOTE CIVIC EDUCATION AND BRING DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION TO NEW YORK SCHOOLS, dated 5/10/21)



Seal of Civic Readiness Resources 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

2020-2021 Leadership Meetings

As we all continue to navigate this time, the Instructional Support Services (ISS) team is planning a different approach to our leadership groups. Since in-person meetings with the number of people who typically attend leadership groups are not possible, we are moving to a "Play and Pause" model for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Literacy team will record videos that will provide information and pose questions for district teams to consider. Updates from the New York State Education Department and Statewide Curriculum Development Networks will be included in our presentations, as will potential outcomes for district teams to consider. A leader from the district will facilitate conversation with in-district teams around the topics discussed in the videos. As the year progresses, we will adjust as needed to meet the needs of each group.

Videos will be posted in a Google Classroom on the date that the leadership meeting would have taken place. The Google Classroom for each leadership group will also serve as a place to post articles and share conversations with other districts from around the region. A district administrator or teacher leader has been added to the Google Classroom for your district. The Literacy team is happy to set up times for districts to come together and collaborate around leadership topics; if you are interested in that, please contact the Literacy team member who facilitates the group.

Here is a list of dates for leadership meetings under the purview of the Literacy Team for you to reference. Art & Music Leadership dates are forthcoming.

Leadership Group Date Videos Posted ISS Contact
Early Learning 10/29/20 and 3/12/21 Patrick Shaw
Literacy 11/5/20, 2/3/21, 5/4/21 Kathryn Daughton
Social Studies 10/14/20, 2/24/21, 4/28/21 Kathryn Daughton

Meeting Archives

NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework
New York State Social Studies K-12 Resource Toolkit
Curriculum Resources
Social Studies Organizations
Primary Sources

Social Studies Leadership Network Resources


November 20: Instructional Shifts and Focus on the Inquiry Process


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January 22: Social Studies Practices


February 25:C3 Framework and CAP Update


March 25: Toolkit Update and C3 Resources


April 22: Close Reading and Inquiry Based Research


May 2015: Toolkit Inquiries in the Classroom


June 2015: Toolkit Inquires


September 24: Hot Topics

October 22:Using Primary Sources

November 19: Resource Sharing

December 17: Statewide PD Update

February 25: Assessment Update

March 24: Reading Like a Historian

May 26: Implementing the Inquiries


November 17: Timeline Updates and Question Formulation Technique

February 2: Social Studies Leadership and SLS Resources

June 1: Updates and Enduring Issues Essay


May 31: SED Updates and Year-End Reflection

February 13: District Culture of Social Studies Reflection and Planning

November 16: Practices, Arguments and Enduring Issues

May 14: Updates, Year End Reflection and Next Steps February 5: SED Updates and Turnkey Activities November 27: Historical Thinking Across the Grades
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Matthew L. Cook, Ed.D.
District Superintendent
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