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State Performance Data (with information for c and d)

Update information that addresses or includes 3012-d:

  • SLO "refresher" slides that address both 3012-c and 3012-d
  • engageNY 3012-d guidance
  • If you are considering the sue of state scores for supplemental measures, here are some options

For those receiving a score from the state


How to use scale scores when scale scores change:

Resources to use when administering and scoring SLOs:

Resources to use when writing SLOs:

SLO template (from SED)
Example SLOs (from SED)
Making an SLO workshop slides (step by step with an example)

Checklist to use when making SLOs Suggestions for writing SLOs
Multi-state rubric for SLOs

SLO Guidance from SED  

SLO Road Map (from SED)
Connections between SLOs and NYS Teaching Standards (from CTAC)
Determining who needs an SLO using the State's rules (worksheet answer sheet)
Who Needs a SLO organizer (use for working out who needs what in your school)
SLO introduction and process overview slides
NY SLO Development Guide
Information about SLOs in other places around the country
SED resources on
Example of calculating 20 point score from multiple SLOs and State scores






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