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BCIC June 2015

Here is the agenda (and minutes) for the June 11, 2015, BCIC meeting (slides). The meeting is 8:30-10:30a and will be held in the Henry Large Conference Room.

Welcomes and Introductions

Updates and News
SED Updates

Most of the updates consisted of a review of the early information gathered from the budget process. These slides include the information.
Q and A about APPR, back-up Possible, etc.
Legislative Updates
It is hard to expect any changes to the APPR timeline from the legislature. Possible, but not likely.
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CI&A) (webpage)
To view the current listing, click here.
Summer Update
Fall Preview
Instructional Technology & Design at the CNYRIC (webpage)
The next ITD TALKS will be October 21st: Dr. Larry Johnson TALKS about Uncommon Leadership in Uncertain Times.
ASL 1 has been approved for concurrent enrollment through SUNY Oswego. 
A new Model Schools service will let you try different devices in schools that help students learn the fundamentals of coding.
Teacher Centers
Will be Participating in Regional Standards-Based Grading Effort
Teaching Assistant Workshop, June 23, 2015 @ Teacher Center (NYSUT) Suite 203 Time: 4:30 – 7:30 PM
Higher Education
CNY NYS ASCD (webpage) meeting schedule for the year:
Held Annual Meeting at Laci's Tapas Bar
Schedule for next year will be developed over the summer
Improving Your Craft Through Coaching, July 17, Liverpool Middle School
EdCampCNY is scheduled for July 18, in Liverpool

District Sharing

Volunteers are needed for the 2015-2016 meetings. Please let Jeff know which month you want.

Standards (and Curriculum)

Social Studies
Social Studies Leadership Network
Wrap Up (see archives)
UbD and Social Studies w/ Jay McTighe (special video for instructional leaders). The second half of the video explains Curriculum Mapping 3.0
CI&A support for summer curriculum writing (Description of summer work)
Reading Recovery
Wayne-Finger Lakes is joining our service. This means more teachers and more capacity.
The final system is due out this year. It is designed to work with kids in high school.
Sonday update
Dates for "unpacking" and subsequent support will soon be announced.
LTRS update
Training dates will soon be announced. 
The Literacy Leadership Network will continue to meet in 2015-2016.
Choosing resources to support curriculum and instruction
Visit here to see the responses about math program used in our districts.
Discussion? Anything that we need to do for next year?
Summer Events
On July 10th there is an Overview of Common Core for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. The session will highlight best practices for implementing or adapting these modules into present curriculum and instruction.
Go deeper into Algebra 2, July 17 in Syracuse or August 21st at McEvoy.
Exploring, Refining and Moving Forward with Math Modules is a three day experience for teachers of math to reflect on implementation to date, discover the concepts embedded in modules and explore instructional strategies for the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Model for math lessons. It runs July 28th -30th.
A Science Center Coordinator will be recommended to the Board of Education soon. 
NY is only adding some content to the NGSS, otherwise they will be our standards.
The Science Center is working on timetable for kit/system realignment and revision (collaborating with other BOCES)
A process that is similar to science will be employed
The standards are right behind science in the queue; the Board of Regents will consider the process for adaptation before too long.

Data (and Assessment)

Assessment choices this year
There are no plans to offer the A2/Trig assessment next year as a safety net for students who are also taking Common Core Algebra 2. 
Please update the Regional chart if decisions are made or changed
Standards-Based Grading and Reporting
Regional Coordination
November 3rd Regional Conference Day Event with Guskey and Jung
On Your Mark for all November 3rd participants
Grading Exceptional and Struggling Learners for all November 3rd participants
Working on budget and cost
Additional 2015-16 offerings TBA
It was suggested that we focus on this in BCIC next year, including discussions and a possible common book read. We will read both; BCIC members will choose which one to read at the September meeting and then we'll talk about what we've read in October. The books we will choose from are: On Your Mark or Grading Exceptional and Struggling Learners
A "cannon" of resources for each district will be provided to each district (September BCIC?)

Professional Practice (APPR and Pedagogy)

We are waiting to see how things will be worked out in the regulations. What do we know? What don't we know?
The advice for now is to not do much. Details about the regulations will not be provided until late June.
Lead Evaluator Training? holding dates
Principal Evaluator Training? holding dates
Independent Evaluator Training?  holding dates -- possibly congruent with Year 1 Lead Evaluator Training
Response to Intervention
Mike Mattos will be here at the PLCs at Work Institute in August.
OCM BOCES is trying to host an RTI at Work Institute in the future. The group agreed that June 2016 (the last week) would be best. Both West Genesee and ESM are willing to host. We will work with Solution tree to try and make this happen.
Regional Vision Update (page)
Information about Innovation Tech visits was shared (site)
Components $450, Non-components $550, Out-of-state $650
Most Likely To Succeed NY premiere (trailer) (site)
PBL information and registration:
PBL 101:
Secondary Education Teachers only- sessions start April 23
Registration is also open for sessions beginning May 6 or May 19.
Summer Institutes:  Four-day PBL 101 July 14-17 OR August 17-20
Coaching:  please make your coaching request as soon as possible. Schedules are being developed.
It looks like a location for our "New Tech South" has been found. Lease negotiations are underway. It will include facilities for training within the school, so PBL training will be able to occur within a PBL setting. A meeting with Cortland businesses will be rescheduled. 

Professional Learning Community
Planning series of Interactive Video Conferences to Connect Mike Mattos to PLC at Work Institute
Anthony Muhammad, June 17, 2015, 4:00-5:30 pm, Rodax 8 Large Conference Room
The PLC at Work Institute is August 12-14, 2015. All of our discounted seats have been contracted for.


Regional Secondary Counselors Event
November 3rd at OCC (flyer) (site)
Liz Murray keynote address
Workshops/breakouts about a variety of topics
Cost will be $65
District Planning & Self-Assessment
Resources you can use, including maps, plans, and assessment tools
What have you been able to do?
Resources to help you with this are posted.

Future Meeting Planning

The next BCIC meeting is September 17th in the Rodax 8 Large Conference Room.

Meeting Dates and Locations for 2015-2016 are posted. The tentative themes have been added. Please note that the April meeting will be in the afternoon.