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Science Center Units (Grade 5 - 6 Physical Science): Unit Resources

READ THIS- Multimedia Info**
LEARN 360: Access Learn 360 via OCM BOCES's MediaConnect  at  (username and password required - see your media/library specialist). First, log into MediaConnect then click on Learn 360. Leaving the web page open, return to this page and use the link to access the resource or copy/paste the shortcut. You cannot log directly into Learn 360. 
Vital NY:  This is a free resource located at available to educators.  Clicking the link should access the resource.
DVD:  Listed DVDs can be obtained through MediaConnect’s physical collection (

Professional Development (PD):   These are resources that have been identified as sources of background information for the classroom teacher related to the content topic or a specific related skill. Teachers may choose to share this resource or parts of it with their students as they may deem beneficial.

Powder Puzzles

Unit - Kit Files
Powder Puzzles Student Journal (adaptable, MS Word)

Powder Puzzles Student Journal (PDF)

Powder Puzzles Blackline Masters (adaptable, MS Word)

Powder Puzzles Blackline Masters (PDF) 

Resource Files
Powder Puzzles Vocabulary List (MS Word)

Atoms: "Atoms Family" (PDF)

Periodic Table (PDF)

Tips, Hints and FYIs
There is a set of powders/crystals in this kit marked by colored dots.  The purpose of this is to not inform the students as to the contents of each jar.  There is a key in the teacher guide (p.2) for identification purposes.

There are matches packed in this kit for an activity related to "melting".  You may want to remove/secure this item while the kit is in your possession.


Strange Matter: interactive site about matter (Materials Science), size and scale

States of Matter videos(website: NeoK12)

What is an Atom? (website: NeoK12)

Informational Text Resources


Preventing Frog-sicles (Science News for Kids): use to discuss freezing point temperature (temp. at which matter becomes solid)

New Bag Keeps Food Fresh Longer (Science News for Kids): use to discuss elements and compounds and how we can use the affinities between elements to form compounds to our advantage.

Professional Development (PD)

PD Websites
Web Based Video: What Happens When A New Element Is Discovered? [2:55]

PD Multimedia
Learn360: Eureka! Unit 3: Heat & Temperature Note: see for section on molecular motion and states of matter

Learn360: Atoms and Elements

Learn360: Chemistry: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Learn360: Chemistry: Solutions Note: focus on the first 12 min. related to solution basics

Learn360: Chemical Changes

VITAL NY: How Elements Form Compounds [3:22]

VITAL NY: The Origin of the Elements [1:55]

Energy Studies

Unit - Kit Files
Energy Studies Student Journal (adaptable)

Energy Studies Student Journal (PDF)

Energy Studies SJ Answer Key (PDF)

Energy Studies BLM (PDF)

Resource Files

Electromagnetic Spectrum Slides -
replaces poster

Energy Production-  Transparencies (PDF) - you may find the "transparency" pages useful,
one goal could be to research to update info 

Energy: Modeling Photosynthesis (PDF) - a student centered activity that models the chemical changes in photosynthesis. 

Tips, Hints and FYIs
This unit probably has a lot of new content for your students. This is one reason that the Student Journal has many pages, as there are pages dedicated to informational text on the topic.  There are several opportunities for hands-on science, as well as inquiry science - we hope that you are able to do some exploration with your students.

Energy World (Nat. Grid)

Energy (Kids)

Global Climate Change (Kids, EPA)

Energy Blues (You Tube:Schoolhouse Rock)

Learn360: Energy forms and Energy transfer  [8:30]

Learn360: Light Energy [3:15]

Learn360: Greenhouse Effect, Intro   [3:20]

Learn360: Greenhouse Gases [3:26]

Learn360: Man & Greenhouse Gases [5:15}

Informational Text Resources

Electromagnetic Spectrum:
Imagine the Universe (NASA): Informational text
BBC Bitesize: Informational text

Climate Change - Green House Effect  NYSDEC Conservationist 4 Kids (PDF)/p>

Greenhouse Effect (PDF)

Professional Development (PD)
Energy Studies Unit Concept Map (PDF)

Energy Studies Unit Overview (PDF)

Energy: Food as Chemical Energy (PDF)

Energy: What is Biomass? (PDF)

PD Websites
Earth Energy (Geology 4 Kids):

Electromagnetic Radiation (Cosmos 4 Kids):

PD Multimedia



Unit - Kit Files
Rocketry Student Journal (Adaptable, MS Word)

Rocketry Student Journal (PDF)

Rocketry BLM (Adaptable, MS Word)

Rocketry BLM (PDF)

Resource Files
Power Point: Engine Ignition
(this Power Point file contains a video, filmed at the Sci. Ctr., showing engine ignition and burn)

NASA: Measuring Altitude (Using a Clinometer) (PDF)

NASA: Constructing Gliders (PDF) - some students may really enjoy using the templates to create/design gliders.

NASA: Rocket Pinwheel (PDF)- could be used as a summative assessment of applying motion and force principles.

Tips, Hints and FYIs
Rocket Construction Directions: Estees has modified their directions for the Alpha rocket. There are more visuals and less written directions and less pages. The paper ruler is no longer included so students will need access to rulers. We are providing PDF copies of the original and new directions.

Original (pre-2013) Directions(PDF)

Newer (2013) Directions (PDF)

Syracuse Rocket Club: a local org. that meets on a regular basis and launches rockets (launch site: VanBuren, NY); a good place for photos and video footage.

Learn360: Changes in Space Exploration [3:08]

VITAL NY: Aerospace Engineering Careers [6:39]

Informational Text Resources
Physics 4 Kids: Motion
Physics 4 Kids: Forces
Physics 4 Kids: Newtons Laws

NASA: Kid's Page - How does a jet engine work? (compare to the Alpha rocket engine)

Professional Development(PD)
NASA - A Brief History of Rockets (PDF)

NASA - Basics of Rocketry Math (PDF)

PD Websites
NASA: Model Rockets and Rocketry for Educators

PD Multimedia
Learn360: Newtons Laws [6:39]

Learn360: Physics - Gravity and Forces [14:53]

Vital (Teachers Domain): Newton's 3rd Law: Astronauts in Outer Space [4:50]



Unit - Kit Files

Electromagnetism Student Journal (PDF)

Electromagnetism Student Journal (adaptable) [WORD]

Resource Files
Earth's Magnetosphere (PDF)

Tips, Hints and FYIs

Space Weather Center - Our Protective Shield (Weather Center)

You Tube - Electricity (Schoolhouse Rock) - source, generation, circuit (review electric circuits)

Web Based Video: Magnets (Nat. Geographic)[3:21] - applications of magnets/magnetism by humans

Learn360: Magnetic Force at Work - show segments during unit or as a possible end of unit review; main focus is on magnetic forces (natural and man-made) and electromagnet forces [15:00]

Learn360: Real World Science - Magnetism - focuses on the many aspects of magnetism from basic poles to magnetic fields to Earth's magnetism to electromagnetism [17:00]

Learn360: Electromagnetism - a segment from "Real World Science: Magnetism" which focuses on magetism and electric current in relation to electromagnetism[3:22]

MediaConnect DVD: Magnets and Electro- magnetism (K01660) [14:00] - This program explores the various properties of magnets and the characteristics of magnetic force. Electromagnets and their many uses are demonstrated as well. [14:00]

Informational Text Resources
Electricity & Magnetism Primer PDF - informational text related to electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism

Professional Development(PD)
Energy Basics (PDF) - background information on electricity. electrical current, electricity generation, electromagnetism

PD Websites
Web Based Video: Magnetism, Bill Nye (You Tube) [23:00]

PD Multimedia
Learn360: Magnetism This video goes through the properties of magnets, details how magnets correlate with the North Pole, as well as connects magnetism with electricity. [15:37]

Learn360: Electromagnetic Induction - Describes what electromagnetic induction is and how it can be used in practical applications. This video is a more in-depth exploration of electromagnetism. Totally a FYI for the teacher.  [17:59]



Unit - Kit Files

Resource Files

Tips, Hints and FYIs
We suggest that you work with students on the concept of density without bringing into the mix the concept of relative densities involved in buoyancy (float and sink).

We also suggest that you coordinate this kit with another kit that would lend towards application of the concepts of density. Suggest companion kits are: Energy Studies, Rocks and Minerals, Astronomy

You Tube: Buoyancy-What makes something float or sink - a short video that integrates buoyancy, density and water displacement. [0:03:30]

Learn360: Density [9:00]

Learn360: Volume and Density - Using an example of recycled cars and a compacting machine, this program explains that volume refers to the amount of space an object envelops and that density refers to the amount of mass that is compacted in a given volume. [0:04:51]

Informational Text Resources

Professional Development(PD)
Understanding Density (Teacher Overview) PDF

PD Websites
Density Interactive :

PD Multimedia

Revised Date: 10/15/2013