Organizational Options for School Districts
The difficult financial environment which governments are facing is promoting a renewed call for mergers and consolidation. It's a complicated situation, however, that requires deliberate and careful consideration of the economic, political, and opportunity issues that are involved. The OCM BOCES, in collaboration with area researchers and consultants, is facilitating thoughtful consideration of the issue and all organizational options.

Background Material August 9, 2011 Colloquy
  • Agenda
  • Meeting participants list
  • Framing The Issues (presentation)
  • School District Reorganization Research: What Do We Know, Where Are the Research Gaps, and What Should Be the Research Agenda?  (presentation)
  • Case Studies and Their Implications (presentation)
  • Observations on School Reorganization from Center for Governmental Research (presentation)
  • Evaluation (electronic survey) 
Other Resoruces
  • Rural Schools Association tools
  • future item
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