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Learning Commons

The physical and virtual learning commons, where inquiry, imagination, discovery, consumption and creation in multi-media digital spaces are central to an information-to-knowledge journey - play an essential role in personal, social, and cultural growth of learners at the crossroads of information and communication.

NYSED, Office of Educational Design and Technology(ED&T)-2010  pdf file

2010-11 Events  - Flyer  

  •  February 17th - Allison Zmuda returns to complete the visioning process and help you start formulating a plan to achieve your vision.  * Included will be a virtual out-of-state field trip to see a “state of the art” learning commons in action. We'll see the learning commons and chat with the director, Valerie Diggs*   Agenda / Chelmsford Library Pictures
  • November 18th - Allison Zmuda works with district instructional leadership and accompanying lead-LMS to begin the process of visioning your Learning Commons of the future (LC21). AGENDA
  • December 1st - David Loertscher, the author of The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win, will talk to us about the cutting edge in libraries, media centers, and learning commons.  AGENDA

INFOhio & 21st Century Learning Commons
New School Learning Commons Discussion Wiki
Web Sites on Literacies for 21st-Century Learning

Articles & Presentations
Ross Todd's Learning Common presentation

Mission of the 21st Century Library
Third Colorado Study- 2010_Closer_Look_Report.pdf

Read about the Chelmsford, MA, Learning Commons,
Concord-Carlisle Transitions to a Learning Commons, R.Cicchetti
Culture of Inquiry in School Libraries, C.Gordon
If they build it,they will use it, D.Loertscher
Imagine >Invent>Program>Share, B.Myers
Innovation through open-inquiry learning
Show Me the Money Resources, K.Gavigan
What should an Administrator expect a School Library Specialist to be?, C.Harvey II
Valerie Diggs David Loertscher - From Library to Learning Commons
Valerie Diggs Ask Think Create

Six Steps to Saving Your School Library Program 
A. Zmuda

Our Learning Commons:One "How to" for 21st Century Learning - Gino Bondi

Colleen Zawadzki's  Keeping the Emphasis on LEARNING in the Library Learning Commons Blackboard Resource
  Allison Zmuda
Feb. 15, 2011, Special Session
How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Learners A. Zmuda presentation
Brain Rules J. Medina
Three Principles from Brain Research 
J. Tomlinson
Brain Function J. Willis
Breaking Free A. Zmuda
   Valerie Diggs
Feb. 17, 2011 - LC 21: Virtual Field Trip to Chelmsford, MA - Videos
  David Loertscher 
Dec. 1, 2010, LC21 Day 2
   Colleen Zawadzki

Participation in the LC21 project is paid for by a member-item grant from NY Senator David Valesky.
Contact Judi Dzikowski OCM BOCES School Library System Coordinator with questions.