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End-of-the-Year (and Summative Evaluations)


Preparing for the End-of-the-Year Meeting

The End-of-the-Year meeting is your opportunity to reflect on the school year and look ahead to the next. Ideally, the meeting is not about a score, rather is about professional growth and continuous improvement. Here are some resources to guide you through those meetings:

  • If you want to survey your teachers about the process, here's an article about it and here's a local principal's survey
  • End-of-the-Year Meeting planner
  • Timeline and explanation for End-of-the-Year process. This is an example of guidance for End-of-the-Year meetings. You can change it to make it match the particular requirements and deadlines of your district.
  • End-of-the-Year Meeting example (video)
  • Example of a slideshow that can be customized and used district-wide when consistent communication of expectations for End-of-the-Year procedures and meetings.
  • Here's an article to share with teachers at the meeting -- it's about how to use a summative evaluation to set goals for next year





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