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Main Operator 315.433.2600
District Superintendent 315.433.2602
Adult Education 315.453.4455
Business Office 315.433.2614
CNYRIC 315.433.8300
Instructional Support       315.433.2627
Student Services 315.433.2604
Labor Relations 315.433.2629
Personnel 315.433.2631



Administrative Internship Proposals to Cabinet:


APPR - Annual Professional Performance Review (Revised 1/2019)

APPR Plan for Teachers Covered by 3012-d (2020-21)

APPR Plan for Adult Ed. Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Related Service Providers (2019-20)

APPR - Plan for Administrators

Teaching Assistant Evaluation Reference Guide

Pre-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Observation/Evaluation Form

Post-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants

Pre-Conference Form for Teachers

Post-Conference Form for Teachers

Teachers not covered by 3012-c Rubric

Pre-Conference Form for Related Service Providers

Related Service Providers Observation/Evaluation Form

Post-Conference Form for Related Service Providers

Adult Education Rubric

NYSUT Professional Practice Rubric  

Professional Improvement Plan

Action Research Plan
Learning Group Plan
Portfolio Plan

Annualized Salary Election Form (Revised 03/11/2020)
Bargaining Unit Contracts:
  • COMBO (7/1/2022-6/30/2025) 
Cancer Screening - Please be sure to enter your time in WinCapWeb as hours under cancer screening with the time frame noted in the Employee Comment section (i.e.: 1-3 hours)
Civil Service Form(s) (Onondaga County Department of Personnel)
Dental Insurance Enrollment Information - (Open enrollment annually during the month of December)  Contact Shannon Spadafora, at 315-433-2632 or with regard to any questions or changes to your coverage.
Direct Deposit Form (Go to OCM BOCES only/Forms)
Discrimination Procedure
Employment Application
Employee Leave Request (Revised 02/14/2023).  This form is to be used to request Unpaid Leave Days, Military Leave Days, and Workers' Compensation Absences only.  Requests for Sick Bank Days require the use of the Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Application (see below).  All other absences must be entered in the WinCapWeb Attendance System.
Employment Needs Form
Employee Recognition Form - To recommend an employee or employees for the quarterly Employee Recognition Luncheon
Employment Recommendation Forms:
  • *Classified Employment Recommendation - Civil Service Positions (such as Account Clerk, Typist, Administrative Assistant, Personnel Aide, LAN Tech, etc), OT, PT, OTA, PTA, Nurse
*Employment Needs form also required
Evaluation Form - Non-Instructional Employees
Evaluation Form - Operations and Maintenance

Family and Medical Leave Request

Family Medical Leave Plus/Emergency Paid Sick Leave
Flex Benefits Reimbursement Claim Form

(Benefit Resource, Inc. - website address:

Fringe Benefit Summary Sheets:

Classified/Non-Instructional Appointments
Teaching/Instructional Appointments (10 month employees)
Teaching Appointments (Adult Education)
Mid-Level Administrative Appointments
Non-Affiliated Appointments
Non-Represented Administrative Employees

Graduate/Undergraduate/Inservice Credit Salary Adjustment
Health Insurance Enrollment Information - (Open enrollment is available annually during the month of December)  Contact Shannon Spadafora, at 315-433-2632 or with regard to any questions or changes to your coverage.
Health and Safety Report
Job II Form 
New Position Duties Statement  (fill in)
Part-Time Employee Weekly Work Schedule
Part-Time Hourly Pay Schedule  
This schedule includes the following hourly rate schedules:
                            Job II
                            Substitute Pay Rates
                            Adult Continuing Education (short-term and part-time)
                            Clinical Instructors

Personnel Change Form  Please note, this form is not required to address changes if you have a WinCapWeb account.  Address and phone number changes can be done directly in your WinCapWeb account.
Position Requisition
Recruitment Request Form
Reimbursement Claim Form (Go to OCM BOCES only/Forms)
Reference Check Form

Reference Check Tips

Reference Release Form
Request for Approval of Course(s) for In-Service Credit
Salary Recommendation Forms
Salary - COMBO Salary Schedule

             2023-2024 COMBO Salary Schedule

             2023-2024 COMBO Job Titles and Salary Grades

School Improvement/Model Schools Teacher Stipend:

School Improvement Teacher Stipend - Employee Data/Record of Time Worked

Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal Application
Student Teacher/Intern/Volunteer Request for Approval
Subservice Registration Forms:

Subservice:  Substitute Form

Subservice:  Employee Form
Summer School Rate Schedule (2023-24)

Summer School Employment Recommendation (rev 8.7.23)

Summer School Personnel Change/Job II Form (rev 8.7.23)
Tax Forms: Federal (W-4)/ State (IT-2104).  Employees with WinCapWeb accounts can change these online through their WinCapWeb profile.  Go to Employee Deductions once you log in to your WinCapWeb account.  
Tenure Recommendation
Time Sheet (Go To OCM BOCES only/Forms)
Verification of Prior Service
Workers' Compensation Accident/Injury/Occupational Illness Report Form (fill-in form).  Updated: 07/25/2023
*Please note the employee must sign off on both the accident report and the instructions page. Forms returned without both signatures will be returned to the employee for completion.

Workers' Compensation Carrier Information - to be supplied to any doctor/treatment facility if you are treated for an injury. 
Be sure to contact Molly Lawson, Personnel Department at 315-433-2641 to notify them if you go for treatment other than the school nurse.

NCA Comp Inc.
14 LaFayette Square, Suite 700
Buffalo, NY  14203