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Main Operator 315.433.2600
District Superintendent 315.433.2602
Adult Education 315.453.4455
Business Office 315.433.2614
CNYRIC 315.433.8300
Instructional Support       315.433.2627
Student Services 315.433.2604
Labor Relations 315.433.2629
Personnel 315.433.2631


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2022-2023 Payroll Schedule
2023-2024 Payroll Schedule
2024 - 2025 Payroll Schedule
403(b) - Instructions for setting up a 403(b)
403(b) - Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) Form
403(b) & Roth 403(b) Approved Providers
403b Account Instructions
Adjustment to Services Contract Form
Administrative Internship Format
Administrative Internship Guidelines
Administrative Internship Process
Annualized Salary Election Form
APPR - Professional Improvement Plan
APPR - Action Research Plan
APPR - Adult Education Rubic
APPR - Learning Group Plan
APPR - NYSUT Professional Practice Rubric
APPR - Portfolio Plan
APPR - Post Conference Form for Teachers
APPR - Post-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants
APPR - Pre-Conference Form for Teachers
APPR - Pre-Conference Form for Teaching Assistants
APPR - Related Service Providers Observation/Evaluation Form
APPR - Related Service Providers Post Conference Form
APPR - Related Service Providers Pre-Conference Form
APPR - Teacher Observation Form
APPR - Teaching Assistant Evaluation Reference Guide
APPR - Teaching Assistant Observation/Evaluation
Asset Transfer Form
Authorized Signatures for Admin Council
Authorized Signatures for Support Staff
Billing Request Form
Books Textbooks Transfer Form
Cell Phone Election Form 2023-2024
Cell Phone Request Form
Conference Room Set-Up Form - Cortlandville Campus
Conference Room Set-Up Form - Henry Operations & Maintenance Building
Conference Room Set-Up Form - Main Campus
Conference Room Set-Up Form - RIC
Conference-Workshop-Meeting Request Form (only for employees who do not have MLP accounts)
Confirming Purchase Order Explanation Form
Cross Contract for BOCES Services
Direct Deposit Form (Payroll)
Direct Deposit Reimbursement (AP) Request
Donated Supplies
Employee Driver Identification (EDI)
Equipment Update of Cellular Phone
Evaluation Form - Non-Instructional
Examples - Mileage Expenses
Expense Transfer Request
Extra Classroom - Attachment A/B - Approval Form and P/L Statement
Extra Classroom - Attachment C - Inventory Control Form
Extra Classroom - Attachment D - Activity Treasurer's Receipt
Extra Classroom - Attachment E - Activity Treasurer's Deposit Record
Extra Classroom - Attachment F - Bank Deposit Slip
Extra Classroom - Attachment G - Central Treasurer's Receipt
Extra Classroom - Attachment H - Payment Order to the Central Treasurer
Extra Classroom - Attachment I - Voucher Check Sample
Extra Classroom - Attachment J - Interorganization Transfer
Extra Classroom - Establish or Continue Fund Request
Extra Classroom - Officer Listing
Facilities Usage Form
Fax Cover Sheet
Fleet Driver Request - Fleet Driver Request
Flexible Spending Reimbursement Claim Form
Grant Proposal Cabinet Approval Form
How to Submit a Badge Request - How to Submit a Badge Request
How to Submit a Maintenance Request - How to Submit a Maintenance Request
Mail - Departmental Cover Sheet
Mail - UPS Shipping Form
Mileage -Tolls Reimbursement Claim Form COMBO & Grandfathered OCMBFT Only - Effective January 2024
Mileage-Tolls Reimbursement Claim Form COMBO & Grandfathered OCMBFT Only - Effective January 2023
Oath of Allegiance
Payment Agreement Authorization Form
Payroll Budget Transfer Form
Prior Approval Form for Food
Reference Checking Tips
Reference Release Form
Reimbursement Claim Form - Effective January 2024
Reimbursement Claim Form- Effective January 2023
School Improvement Teacher Stipend
Stamp Documentation
Student Incident Report
Substitute Employee Form
Tax Exempt ST-129 Hotel Form
test - Test Forms Central
Timesheet - Effective July 1, 2022
Timesheet - Effective July 1, 2023
Vendor Incident Report
WalMart Item Justification template