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BCIC September 2013

Here is the agenda for the OCM BOCES Curriculum and Instruction Council (BCIC) meeting, 8:30am, September 19, 2013, Henry Large Conference Room:


Welcome and Introductions


  • SED
  • Legislative
  • Instructional Technology and Design (ITD home page)
  • Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CIA)
  • Teacher Centers
    • Event list went out
    • New Teacher Welcome Project
  • Higher Education
  • Instructional Support News
  • CNY NYS ASCD home page
  • Grant Writing Service
  • Home School Service?

Race To The Top

  • SED's Metrics and Expectations for 2013-2014
  • Standards
    • Hearing from districts -- what are each of us doing for:
      • ELA K-2
      • ELA 3-5
      • ELA 6-8
      • ELA 9-12
      • Doing the new ELA 11 Regents Exam?
      • Math K-5
      • Math 6-8
      • Math 9-12
      • Doing both old and new or just new A1 exam?
    • Feedback for ELA support plans for 2013-2014
      • Do we need module overviews?
      • What about support for K-3 (pre-3)?
    • If printing modules, how are you doing it? Would coordination help?
    • Science Standards update and reminder
  • Research
    • Resources and support from NT, CI&A, and SLS
    • Regional plans (October 25th)
    • Follow-up plans
  • Data-Driven Instruction
    • PLCs follow-up
    • Will be the focus of CNY NYS ASCD
  • Professional Practice (including APPR)
    • Providing scores to parents -- has there been many requests?
    • Any adjustments that need to be made?
    • Lead Evaluator Training: Year One is underway; ongoing training begins October 28th
    • Principal Evaluator Training: not enough Year One requests; ongoing training begins October 9th
  • Culture
  • Long-term planning for RTTT (example plan)
  • NT finances

Other Business

  • Enterprise America update
  • Regional Summer School report
  • CNY Regional Vision for New Tech and Project-Based Learning
  • Save the Date: PBLNY August 5-6-7
    • Yong Zhao
    • Sam Chaltain
    • Sam Seidel
    • Suzie Boss
    • Ron Berger
    • PBL 101
    • PBL Leadership
    • PBL Coaching


Future Meeting Planning

  • The next BCIC meeting is October 17, 2013, in the Henry Large Conference Room.





PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221
Phone: (315) 433-2600

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