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Lead Evaluator Training - 2022-23

To help districts meet the regulations around lead/principal evaluator training, OCM BOCES offers the following training opportunities. Please check with your district leadership to ensure you’re participating in the correct activities.

OCM BOCES Lead Evaluator Updates

OCM BOCES offers a variety of Lead Evaluator professional development options for school and district leaders to engage in before the start of the school year. Any of these options will meet the requirements of 3012-D

All trainings can be found in the OCM BOCES Catalog. Please note: For those who wish to attend these sessions during the school year, these same sessions will be offered throughout the fall with dates to follow. For additional dates for any of the sessions, please email

OCM BOCES ALL For Districts

Lead Evaluator Extension Sessions (1-hour sessions)

Personalized PL for Continuous Improvement
Date - TBD

Discover how to provide your teachers with professional learning opportunities by leveraging our digital professional resources that can be targeted to individual needs and be aligned and connected to your evaluations.

Flip your Faculty Meetings
Date - TBD

What is the purpose of your faculty meetings? Don't talk at your staff, instead be certain that your faculty members are interacting, engaging each other in meaningful conversation, or participating in learning experiences that would excite them to teach the next day.

Date - TBD

What should you be looking for in a science lesson? Learn what engagement looks like in science classrooms, and how the NYSSLS asks for changes in instruction that teachers can implement now.

Working with Difficult/ Resistant Staff
Date - TBD

Identifying and understanding the behavior and actions of others and how a leader can either empower resistant staff or learn to work with them.

Lead Evaluator FAQ

Q: Can the team training include those who are new to administration?

A: They can. However, we still recommend they attend first-year lead evaluator. Without this training, leaders would miss key components necessary to evaluate teachers.

Lead Evaluator Archives