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Our focus is to provide professional development, technical assistance, and resources so that school districts can meet mandates and achieve goals related to student health and well-being.


This CoSer provides information, skill building, support, and growth opportunities to encourage individuals to adopt health-enhancing alternatives to substance abuse. ADA-PEP is committed to working with the schools, homes, and communities to assist individuals in reaching their potential as productive and contributing members of society.

The Dignity Act

The Dignity Act

This CoSer assists districts and schools in building a positive school climate through compliance with The Dignity for All Students Act and further compliance with the addition of cyber-bullying to the law in July 2013. In addition to providing specialized training for certain key positions, our service will support schools through an array of information, resources, and training.


Workshops to assist community members, educators and counselors in understanding issues facing children and youth today. These trainings will give you practical strategies to implement when working with students.

Healthy Schools NY

This CoSer provides all curriculum materials needed for K-5 classroom teachers to meet the Health Education Standards, the NYS health-related mandates and the functional knowledge content requirements.

Social Work

Approved by NYS Education Department Division of Social Work.


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