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Grant Writing Service

Our team of dedicated grant writers is willing and able to assist you in meeting your program goals by writing competitive grants for your district.  There are millions of dollars in grant funds available for education.  Why not let our grant writers assist you in securing funds to improve opportunities for your students and educators!

$11,590,006.00 awarded & counting...

“The Homer Schools have benefited greatly from the grant writing service. The grant writer listened to our vision and led us through the grant writing process.”

Director of Instruction
Ted Love
Homer Central School District

Did you hear the big news? OCM BOCES played a key role in helping the Solvay Union Free School District secure a five-year, $5.3 million grant to boost student achievement.

Solvay took advantage of the OCM BOCES Grant Writing Services in our Educational Programs division – a service that links districts to a multitude of grant resources and writers.

In this case, OCM BOCES secured the services of Fairport grant writer Chris Semler, who worked closely with the Solvay leadership team to secure a federal 21st Century Learning Centers grant.

“This is a huge boost for us,” Solvay Superintendent Lawrence Wright said. “We will be able to do some really creative and innovative things to connect with families and help students be successful.”

The grant will have a significant impact in a district with 1,500 students and a $32.4 million budget. It will mostly provide before- and after-school programs with the help of several community partners, including OCM BOCES.

Programs include the restoration of a summer “smart” camp that focuses on math and literacy; before- and after-school childcare; after-school academic support for struggling students; a variety of sports, music and other recreational activities; mental-health services for those in need; and continued training for teachers to make better connections between school and home.

“This grant moves us in the direction of being a true community school,” Wright said.

Grants for Teachers

Tips, sources and grant databases for teachers.

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Service Levels

The Basics: Base Fee $840

  • 2.5 Hours of grant writing
  • Electronic “Grant News” which pulls information from a variety of sources

Grant Writer: Hourly - $105/hour

This is an add on for The Basics: Base Fee
Districts pay per hour for:

  • Research and preparation for grants
  • Writing of grants
  • Review of any district written grant

Grants Awarded

Grant Service Enrollment

Please contact Janel Payette if you would like additional information or have any questions on this aidable service.