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BCIC October 2012

Here is the agenda for the OCM BOCES Curriculum and Instruction Council (BCIC) meeting, 8:30am, October 18, 2012, Distance Learning Center:

Welcome and Introductions


  • SED
  • Legislative
  • Instructional Technology and Design (ITD)
  • Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CIA) schedule
  • Teacher Centers
  • Instructional Support

Race To The Top

  • Standards
    • Math Instruction
      • Planning a Math Conference with four parts
        1. Common Core - background and foundation (Bill McCullum?)
        2. Math Solutions - how kids learn mathematics
        3. Singapore Math - just exactly what is it?
        4. NSF math program - constructivist approach to math instruction
    • ELA/literacy
    • Next Generation Science
      • Timeline
      • Another draft for comment
    • Common Core infused K-8 Social Studies
      • What did you think?
      • How heavy a lift?
    • Five Big Ideas (From Common Core Standards to Curriculum)
  • Data-Driven Instruction
    • Common Formative/Interim Assessment
  • Professional Practice (including APPR)
    • What did we learn from SLO-setting?
  • Culture
  • Long-term planning for RTTT (example plan)
    • Any plans for sharing?
    • How can we help?

Other Business

  • Enterprise America (WCNY project) update
    • Sneak peak at some blueprints
    • [very] rough timeline
    • looking for early adopters
  • Help on BOCES research project with Hill Communications


  • Regents Regional Scoring Planning and Preparation
    • Who can score alone/who needs to score regionally or in clusters?
    • Scoring needs     language    chart

Future Meeting Planning

  • The next BCIC meeting is November 15, 2012, in the Distance Learning Center





PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221
Phone: (315) 433-2600

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