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Principal Evaluator Training

The evaluation of principals is a significant component of the new APPR system, according to the regulations. For principals, the state says that the lead evaluator should be the superintendent or her/his designee. OCM BOCES is providing training for the lead evaluator for principals at no additional charge to our component districts.

Dates for 2017-2018:

Dates coming

    Most Frequently Used Principal Evaluation Resources (also used for "Catch-Up" Class):

    The training will include all of the state-prescribed components:

    1. ISLLC 2008 Leadership Standards
    2. Evidence-based observation
    3. Application and use of Student Growth Percentile and VA growth Model data
    4. Application and use of the State-approved Rubrics
    5. Application and use of any assessment tools used to evaluate principals
    6. Application and use of State-approved locally selected measures of student achievement
    7. Use of the Statewide Instructional Reporting System
    8. Scoring methodology used to evaluate principals
    9. Specific considerations in evaluating principals of ELLs and students with disabilities

    Additionally, the following components will be addressed:

    1. State-determined district-wide student growth goal setting process (Student Learning Objectives)
    2. Effective supervisory visits and feedback
    3. Soliciting structured feedback from constituent groups
    4. Reviewing school documents, records, state accountability processes and other measures
    5. Principal contribution to teacher effectiveness
    6. Contextualized ISLLC Goal-Setting

    Session 1 meeting:

    • November xx, 2017

    Session 1 Resources:

    • future item

    Session 2 meeting:

    • January xx, 2018

    Session 2 Resources:

    • future item

    Session 3 meeting:

    • April xx, 2018

    Session 3 Resources:

    • future item





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