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Robert Orioli


Favorite Quote:
"Believe in what you do"

Special Ed Certification
MS. Reading Education
Teacher Certification
Secondary Math 7-12
B.S. Industrial Engineering/Operations Research

Teaching Philosophy:
“If you think...and you persist, you can succeed in anything to which you set your mind."

Mr. Orioli's Math Class

Math is a part of everything.  If you study anything closely enough, you will find the beauty of math within.  In today’s competitive world, skills are the tools for your success.  Employers seek out and hire those graduates who possess strong math and technological skills.  These skills not only complement and support your CTE skills,  they also give you the competitive edge to compete and succeed in today’s highly dynamic world of work.

I was fortunate to be able to start my career as a manufacturing engineer with the General Electric Company.  After working there for a period of six years, I decided to pursue a career in teaching.  I furthered my studies in math and education and became a member of the Henry Occupation Campus teaching staff.  During my seventeen years, I have been again blessed to co-teach with and observe many outstanding CTE teachers while working with our unique and gifted CTE students.  I have continued my education in reading education and special education to further support my work.

The most important thing I hope to offer my students is the opportunity to explore how math is used in their CTE field,  giving them the chance to discover how they can solve problems they never thought possible.  Learning to apply prior math knowledge, practicing good reading skills and learning the value of persistence, are the goals of the math program.