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Erick Dodge

Favorite Quote:
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”
- Forest Gump

Bachelor of Science
Robert Wesleyan College
Rochester, NY

Associates in
Applied Science

Onondaga Community College
Syracuse, NY

Teaching Philosophy:
"Learning is precious.. once you learn something, it can never be taken away from you."



Auto Technology Instructor

 I started to gain automotive experience after high school. After studying Bio-Technology during my first semester of college, I decided to look for another career path.  While pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree, summer employment included working at a hardware store.  I worked on small engines and found that I enjoyed learning how they operated. I also repaired lawn mowers, string trimmers and chainsaws. 
I was accepted to the Ford Asset program, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, at Onondaga Community College. This course of study offered training for students eager to become automotive technicians for Ford dealerships. Graduating with top honors, I earned my associates degree and began work at a Ford dealership.
Three years later, I accepted a position as an automotive instructor for Chrysler.  This position of factory training instructor for the Upstate New York Area was a challenging job requiring hours of study to keep up with the fast paced, quickly changing automotive world. 
After three years at Chysler, I tired of all of the travel and wanted a job that would keep me closer to home.  That's when an ad for OCM BOCES Automotive Instructor caught my eye.  Now I am in my 9th year at OCM BOCES and enjoy sharing my automotive knowledge with my students.