7-12 Math Committee
Literacy Committee 7-12
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7-12 Math Committee

Teacher Name Course(s) Email Address
Trevor Barbano Algebra I Common Core, Algebra II, Business Mathematics tbarbano@ocmboces.org
Michelle Barrington Foundations of Algebra, Algebra I Common Core, & Business Math mbarrington@ocmboces.org
Jim Bay Grades 7 & 8 Math jbay@ocmboces.org
Kris Blumer Grades 7, 8, Foundations of Algebra, and Algebra I Common Core kblumer@ocmboces.org
Robin Cornish Math 8 rcornish@ocmboces.org
Rachel Dumas Grades 7 and 8 in Day Treatment rdumas@ocmboces.org
John Michael Grosso Algebra I Common Core jgrosso@ocmboces.org
Kim Hawley Math 7, Math 8 & Math 180 khawley@ocmboces.org
Julie Hewes CTE Specialized Math jhewes@ocmboces.org
Kaley Laine Algebra I Common Core, Foundations of Algebra, Business Math, Financial Planning klaine@ocmboces.org
Holli Libertone CDOS Algebra, Algebra hlibertone@ocmboces.org
Brenda Lofthouse Foundations of Algebra, Geometry blofthouse@ocmboces.org
Mary Losito Common Core Math 7, Math 8 & Math 180 mlosito@ocmboces.org
Brittany Rodriguez Auto Collison, Career Development brodriguez@ocmboces.org
Joan Sherman CTE Applied Math jsherman@ocmboces.org
Heather Williams Grades 7 & 8 Math/Math 180 hwilliams@ocmboces.org
Jazmine Williams Math 7 and 8 jkwilliams@ocmboces.org
Tim Wolfer Algebra I Common Core, Geometry Common Core twolfer@ocmboces.org

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