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Welcome to OCM BOCES Special Education

All Onondaga - Cortland - Madison BOCES classes are operated in compliance with the Commissioner's Regulations Part 200. OCM BOCES offers a wide range of educational alternatives for students with varying degrees of cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities.

Programs emphasize helping students to develop their full potential and function as independently as possible. Where feasible, students are educated with non-disabled peers, and in the least restrictive environment.
   Lisa Marie Carter 
Interim Director

Lee G. Peters Career Training Center  (CTC)
TEAM Baker High School - Baldwinsville
 Day Treatment - Tully Elementary
SED Tully Elementary  K-2  
SED Tully Junior & Senior High 7th and 8th Grades

Karen Koch
Assistant Director of Special Education

Adolescent Day Care (ADT) at Henry Campus
Lee G. Peters Career Training Center  (CTC)

Transitional Education Program (TEP) - Henry Campus
AHSED (Formerly known as the  GED Program) - Henry Center

Annmarie Rossomano
Administrator of Special Education

Pre-K - Children's Village at  Park Hill,
SKATE Program - Allen Road Elementary
SKATE Program - Camillus Middle School
SKATE  Program -  ESM High School
SKATE Program - Longbranch
SKATE Program - Palmer Elementary 
SKATE Program - Stonehedge Elementary
TEAM  West Genesee - Split Rock Elementary
Barb Brigham
Principal of  Special Education

St. Cecelia's at Solvay
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
Team Solvay - Sovay MS
Beth Cooper
Principal of Special Education

 SED Career Training Center
Stellata CTC
Crossroads SED - CTC

Carole Ann Davies
 Principal of Special Education McEvoy Campus

SED  McEvoy 5 - 12 - McEvoy Campus
Turning Point  Day Treatment SED K - 12 - McEvoy Campus
Cheryl Rogers 
Principal of Special Education
McEvoy Campus


Stellata McEvoy 
STAR Program - Homer School District
TEAM 7 - 9  Cortland Junior Senior High

Julie Darmody-Latham
Principal of Special Education
 Cedar Street 7-8 - Cedar St.
Kasson Rd. SED 7-10 - Kason Rd.
Dominique Ricciardelli Psy.D
School Psychologist

Comprehensive Educational Technical Assistance Service(CETAS) -  District
SED Lafayette Elementary 4-6
SED LaFayette Jr. Sr. High 7-8
SED LaFayette Jr. Sr. High 9
SED Behavior Management Nate Perry Elementary - Liverpool

Rosanna Grund
On Leave for the 2014-2015 School Year
Director of Special Education


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