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Library Automation - Textbook Reports

Instructions: To RUN the report (this does NOT save it to your computer)
1. Click on Report Name
2. At "Open or Save" option click "OPEN"
3. Report Tool will launch on your computer, fill out the requested information and print.
Instructions: To SAVE the report to your computer/flashdrive/etc.
1. Click on Report Name
2. At "Open or Save" option click "SAVE"
3. Move to where you want to save the file (Desktop, My Documents, Mandarin Reports etc.)
4. Click SAVE button.
5. Open Report Tool
6. Click File - Open
7. Move to where you saved the report
8. Double Click on the report to open it
Report Name Description
Loan-List(ByPatronForSelectedGroup) See Example
Loan-List(ByPatronForSelectedGroup)TND Has number totals only, no breakdown of titles/barcodes)
See Example
Loan-List(ByPatronForSelectedTEACHER) TEXTBOOKs See Example
Loan-List(ByPatronForSelectedTEACHER) TEXTBOOKs with CD Box Incudes a box to check off if book has a CD w/it.
See Example
Inside Cover Label - Elementary School  
Barcode Label - Elementary School  
Patron/Faculty Barcode Labels Print a sheet with scannable barcodes of the Faculty in your patron group that are in the Textbook Catalog.





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