Library Automation CoSer #573

OCMSLS Mandarin "Daily Use" Information

This contains "How-to's" for various types of situations. Created in response to fielding your questions and visiting and helping you with your catalog! Please remember this is stuff I've put together in conjunction with some of the Official Mandarin Documentation so always look to their "Users Guide" and "Daily Use Handbook" as what I've done is by no means complete and is subject to updating. 

Please see the Custom Reports link for any reports referred to below.


Frequently Asked for Instructions: (How do I...)

Deleting & Purging Records

EXPORT My Catalog for Titlewave etc.
Put Items to a Group

*Add Audio/Video Links to the Web OPAC

Marking Items Missing/ Clearing a Fine
 Make records appear "unavailable" in the Web OPAC while I'm working on them.
Entering Equipment into a Catalog


Cataloging - Basics


Circulation- basics

Report Tool - basics

Group Editor - basics

Everything Else:




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