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 Call 1-800-EAP-8764  or  315-471-1361 or

Your EAP is a phone call away

The EAP provides professional assistance in a confidential
setting to help solve your problems.


     What is an Employee Assistance Program?

Your EAP offers free, voluntary and confidential consultation and assistance to help you and/or your family members resolve difficulties that may be affecting your personal lives or job performance.

EAP services include initial evaluation and assessment, treatment planning , short-term counseling, referral and follow-up service.  The EAP also provides workshops and information on a variety of wellness topics.


     Why use the EAP?

Anything that is causing difficulties in your personal life or work is appropiate for the EAP.  
You can talk with an EAP counselor about:

  • Grief/loss
  • Aging parents
  • Job stress
  • Wellness
  • Financial difficulties
  • Marital or family conflict
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc.
. . . or anything else that is preventing you from being and doing your best.  Remember, no issue is too small or too serious for you to seek assistance.


     Who can use the EAP?

Employees and their immediate family members are eligible to use the EAP services. 


     Who will I talk to?

When you call the EAP you will speak with an EAP coordinator who is an experienced counseling professional.  More importantly, they have been selected for their committment to treat everyone with sensitivity, respect, and concern. 


     What Costs Are Involved?

Services provided directly by your EAP are free of charge.  There are times when a referral to an outside resource is recommended by the EAP or requested by you.  In these cases, you are responsible for the cost of those services.  Your health insurance may cover some or all of these costs.  Your ability to pay for additional services will always be considered when an outside referral is made.


     How confidential is the EAP? 

Your contact with the EAP is condifential to the fullest degree provided by the law.  Your involvement in the program is not disclosed to your employer or anyone else without your written permission.  However, absolute confidentiality does not apply to child abuse, court orders, or threats to the safety of yourself or others. 


     How do I make an appointment?

Call either of the numbers listed at the top of this page to speak with an EAP Coordinator.  An appointment will be scheduled at the earliest possible convenience.  EAP coordinators are also available for phone consultation and community resource information.

The EAP Program is available 12 months of the year.      



If you would like more information
about the EAP please view: