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EAP Wellness Months
If you would like more information from your EAP on any of these topics, please EMAIL us at with the topic you would like to receive by email.


September ~ Stress

~5 Things To Know About Stress
~I'm So Stressed Out
~The Stress System
~Stress Less For A Healthier Heart


October ~ Menopause

~Menopause Overview
~Stages Of Menopause
~The Menopause Transition
~Treatment Options For Symptoms


November ~ Memory Loss

~Understanding Memory Loss
~Forgetfulness Know When To Ask For Help
~The Dementias
~Reducing Your Risk For Dementia


December ~ Money Matters

~Making A Budget
~Managing Debt
~Your Credit History
~Fixing Your Credit


January ~ DASH Eating Plan

~DASH Eating Plan Overview
~One Week On DASH
~Get Active With DASH
~Keep On Track


February ~ Heart Health

~28 Days Towards A Healthy Heart
~Put Your Heart Into Getting Active
~Put Your Heart Into Healthy Eating
~Stress Less For A Healthier Heart


March ~ Cancer

~Support For People With Cancer
~When Someone You Love Is Being Treated For Cancer
~Understanding Breast Changes
~Understanding Cervical Changes


April ~ The Environment And Your Health

~Environment And Health A to Z
~Air Pollution and Your Health
~Children's Healthy, Why The Environment Is So Important


May ~ Children's Mental Health

~Teen Depression
~Children And Mental Health-Is This Just A Stage?
~Helping Children Cope With Traumatic Events
~Stand Up To Stress Activity Book


June ~Identity Theft

~Identity Theft, What To Know What To Do
~Identity Theft Recovery Plan
~Fraud Alert, Credit Freeze-What Is The Difference?
~Data Breaches, What To Know What To Do