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EAP Wellness Months
If you would like more information from your EAP on any of these topics, please EMAIL us at with the topic you would like to receive by email.


September ~ Problem Gambling

~What is Problem Gambling?
~Seniors and Problem Gambling
~Talk to Your Kids About Gambling
~Problem Gambling, It Affects Family and Friends


October ~ Domestic Violence

~How to Help a Friend
~What is Physical Abuse?
~What is Emotional Abuse?
~What is Financial Abuse?


November ~ Divorce

~Coping With A Break Up or Divorce
~Effective Communication
~Co-Parenting After A Divorce
~Remarriage and Blended Families


December ~ Anxiety

~Generalized Anxiety Disorder
~Social Anxiety Disorder
~Panic Disorder


January ~ Healthy Weight

~10 Tips To Build A Healthy Meal
~10 Tips To Add Activity To Your Day
~Enjoy Your Food But Eat Less
~Eating Away From Home


February ~ Drug Abuse

~Understanding Addiction
~The Science of Addiction
~Treatment Options
~Comorbidity: Substance Use Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses


March ~ Smoking

~Reasons To Quit
~How to Handle Withdrawal Symptoms and Triggers When You Decide to Quit Smoking
~Second Hand Smoke
~Why Do You Want To Quit?


April ~ Sleep

~A Good Night's Sleep
~A Brief Guide To Healthy Sleep
~Fatigue More Than Being Tired
~A Sleep Diary


May ~ Aging Parents

~Understanding Memory Loss
~Advanced Planning Tip Sheet
~Older Drivers
~Elder Abuse


June ~Men's Health

~10 Tips For Men's Health
~Keeping Active and Healthy Eating For Men
~Men and Depression
~Understanding Prostate Changes