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EAP Wellness Months
If you would like more information from your EAP on any of these topics, please EMAIL us at with the topic you would like to receive by email.


September ~ ADHD

~ADHD the Basics
~Adult ADHD
~Children and Teens ADHD
~Could I have ADHD?


October ~ Scams to Avoid

~How to Avoid Scams
~Business Impersonator Scams
~Grandkid Scams
~Tech Support Scams


November ~ Healthy Aging

~Choosing Healthy Meals As You Age
~Good Mental Health is Ageless
~Participating In Activities As You Age
~Sleep and Older Adults


December ~ Healthy Relationships

~Healthy Relationship Quiz
~Healthy Relationships
~How Can I Communicate Better?
~Conflict Resolution


January ~ Depression

~Depression Basics
~Seasonal Affective Disorder
~Teen Depression
~Older Adults and Depression


February ~ Alzheimer's

~Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet
~Alzheimer's Legal and Financial Planning
~Understanding Alzheimer's
~Managing Agression, Agitation and Sundowning


March ~ Talk to Your Child About Drugs

~Talk to Your Child About Vaping
~Talk to Your Child About Opioids
~Talk to Your Child About Marijuana
~Talk to Your Child About Impaired Driving


April ~ Eating Disorders

~Eating Disorders About More Than Food
~Anorexia Fact Sheet
~Bulimia Fact Sheet
~Binge Eating Fact Sheet


May ~ Lyme Disease

~Lyme Disease-What You Need to Know
~Understanding Tick Bites and Lyme Disease
~Children and Lyme Disease
~Pregnancy and Lyme Disease


June ~ Fire Safety

~Home Fire Safety Checklist
~Home Fire Protection Plan
~Fire Safety Checklist for Caregivers and Older Adults
~Fire Safety- Grilling