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About Seven Valleys

The School

The school serves area high school students in grades 9-12, and provides an innovative learning environment that aims to improve students’ college and career readiness through project-based learning, collaborative workspaces and technology. Seven Valleys New Tech Academy is located at 240 Port Watson Street, Cortland.

The creation of Seven Valleys New Tech Academy is OCM BOCES’ latest step in its commitment to preparing students for their future as lifelong learners, as skilled workers or entrepreneurs, and as global citizens.

The school features modern classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, computers for all faculty and students, and a conference facility.

Seven Valleys New Tech Academy along with Innovation Tech High School, which OCM BOCES opened in Liverpool in 2014, were the first two New Tech schools in Central New York. New Tech schools are part of the New Tech Network, a non-profit organization that provides services and support nationwide to schools, districts and communities for developing public schools in which project-based learning is the primary instructional approach. Founded in Napa, California, in 1996, New Tech is made up approximately 180 schools across the country.


Data for College Credits

Seven Valleys New Tech students earned a total of 276 college credits through TC3 during the 2020-2021 school year.

Courses are offered in:

  • Introduction to Geology I
  • Principles of Biology I
  • Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Painting I
  • Design I for Electronic Media
  • Beginning Spanish II
  • Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • Hispanic Literature and Culture I & II
  • Approaches to Literature
  • Academic Writing I & I

Focus on Student's Futures

Collaborative Culture

At Seven Valleys New Tech Academy there are no desks in rows and no solitary bookwork. Students take advantage of an atmosphere that matches their learning styles and needs. They work side by side with their teachers and classmates gathering and sharing necessary information to solve real-world problems. Students learn to work successfully with others while taking personal responsibility for becoming an effective team member.

One to the World Technology

Students at Seven Valleys New Tech Academy have the world at their fingertips. Every student has their own personal learning device. Technology is at the core of learning for all students. They are able to go beyond the textbook to examine topics in greater detail and take personal responsibility for their education. They have access to state of the art technology to discover the world that surrounds them.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning allows students to master the material in their classes in a real-world setting. Students complete common core aligned projects throughout the year focusing on collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. As a team they research a problem and create a presentation to an audience of business and community members.




(Global History & English Language Arts)

  • Global Lit 9
  • Global Lit 10
  • American Lit 11

English Language Arts

  • Academic Writing

Social Studies

  • PIG/Economics


  • Earth Design (Earth Science & Art Design)
  • BioComm (Living Environment & Communication)
  • Physebra (Physics & Algebra 2)
  • Chemistry


  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Statistics


  • Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Physical Education & Health

  • PE 9
  • PE 10
  • Health & Wellness 11
  • PE 12


  • College Seminar
  • Mixed Media Arts
  • Art Design & Studio Arts
  • Science in the News
  • Script to Screen

Seven Valleys New Tech offers up to 42 TC3 credits for the following courses:

  • ART 115 - Painting I (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Alissa Main - Spring (7V-Painting)
  • BIOL 102 - Principles of Biology II (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Jenna Fleury - Spring (7V- Biocomm)
  • GEOL 101 - Introductory Geology (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Jake Melnyk - Spring (7V- Earth Design)
  • SPAN 102 - Beginning Spanish II (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Maria Gimma - Spring (7V) Spanish 3
  • SPAN 201 - Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Maria Gimma - Fall (7V- Spanish 4)
  • SPAN 202 - Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Maria Gimma - Spring (7V- Spanish 4)
  • SPAN 280 - Hispanic Literature and Culture I (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Maria Gimma - Fall (7V- Spanish 5)
  • SPAN 281 - Hispanic Literature and Culture II (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Maria Gimma - Spring (7V- Spanish 5)
  • ENGL 100 - Academic Writing I (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Miranda Smith - Fall (7V- Academic Writing)
  • ENGL 101 - Academic Writing II (3 credits) - Instructor(s): Miranda Smith - Spring (7V- Academic Writing)
  • POSC 103 - American National Government (3 credits)- Tom Beasley- Fall (7V- Participation in Government)
  • ECON 101 - Introduction to Economics (3 credits)- Tom Beasley- Spring
  • MATH 200- Statistics (3 credits)- Gabby Pesce- Spring
  • ACAD 150- College Success Seminar- Elizabeth Henrichs- Spring
240 Port Watson St., Cortland NY 13045

Eric Comtois
Director of Innovative Education

PO Box 4754
Syracuse, NY 13221
Phone: (315) 433-2600
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