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Comprehensive Educational Technical Assistance Service (CETAS)

What is CETAS?   CETAS is consultation and support designed to assist school districts with students who require more specialized academic, behavioral, and technological interventions to promote successful outcomes.  The goal of CETAS is to collaborate with school districts in order to provide support for students in typical learning environments.

CETAS can assist with applying newly learned skills in "real" classroom situations by providing follow-up, coaching and consultation.

Staff Development
CETAS provides district-based support for all staff, administration, students, and families in the following ways:
  • Changing the classroom climate to be more productive or;
  • Responding effectively to students with challenging behaviors or;
  • Classroom observation, feedback and consultation;
  • Effective FBA/BIP development;
  • Coaching for paraprofessionals and specialized workshops;
  • Specialized problem solving.
  • Assistive technology.

Proactive Behavior Training based on PBIS principles (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support)
  • Assistance creating a safe learning environment.
  • Help identifying and responding to behavior at low, manageable levels.
  • Teaching how to more consistently communicate classroom expectations.
  • Consultation in monitoring and adjusting curriculum to ensure all students are learning.
PBIS is a proactive systems approach to preventing and responding to academic, classroom, and school discipline problems.  Emphasis is directed toward developing and maintaining safe learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Assistive Technology

This service will provide consultation, evaluation, technological solutions, training and implementation to school districts regarding assistive technology.  Knowledgeable professionals will work collaboratively with school district personnel and their students to promote academic success through the effective use of technology.

The CETAS Team

The composition of the CETAS Team may include: a behavior specialist, a certified Assistive Technology professional, a Special Education teacher and a Speech Pathologist.

The CETAS team will interface with the school district team to evaluate the needs of the district and construct a proposal for the district based on the specific requirements identified.  The proposal will detail the number of days needed to complete the service, technology hardware of software consideration, as well as the training or implementation supports needed.  Cost will be contingent upon elements of district need as outlined in the proposal.  The initial needs assessment and consultation will be billed at the half-day cost.

BOCES Contact

Dr. Dominique Ricciardelli
Phone: (315) 459-4692


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CETAS Brochure