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  • Provides a multitude of professional services including labor relations/personnel consultation.
  • Offers representation for school districts at the bargaining table during collective bargaining.  This includes all activities in negotiating a contract, from developing original proposals through the ratification of the agreement.
  • Compiles and publishes annual wage and benefit surveys for teachers, administrators, support staff and per diem substitutes, as well as benefit surveys such as health insurance and employee retirement.  Also provides continuing updates on labor relations topics.
  • The professional staff has access to Westlaw and other research tools for obtaining legal updates on cases on matters arising under the Education, Civil Service or labor Law and its applicable rules and regulations.
  • Provides consultations and assistance in complying with local civil service rules and regulations, Americans with disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Workers' Compensation claims and discrimination law promulgated by New York State and Federal law.
  • Conducts in-service training seminars.
  • Provides professional expertise to investigate employee disciplinary mattes, employee complaints, sexual harassment complaints, and other issues that may require representation in grievances, arbitration, and/or civil service matters.
  • Hosts area meetings on labor relations and personnel issues for superintendents and School Personnel Administrators (CNYASPA).

Mark Pettitt
Director of Personnel and Labor Relations

P:  315 433 2629
F:  315 433 2650


The New York State Taylor Law authorizes
a government-appointed board to resolve contract disputes for public employees, curtailing their right to strike.





J. Francis Manning, Ed. D.
District Superintendent & CEO

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