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  • OverDrive offers e-books and e-audiobooks
  • Ebooks are compatible with a number of devices, the big ones include iPad, Kindle and Nook.
  • By default the lending period is 14 days for audiobooks and ebooks, students can change their defaults under account - settings. The lending periods that are offered are determined by the publisher.
  • You can place titles on hold. You will be notified via email when the title becomes available.
  • If you require assitance setting up your student's accounts please contact Allie or Andrea.
  • You are required to create an OverDrive account when you install the most recent version of the App. This is a separate account from your library account. 
    • If your student is under 13 there is a small check box to check and then you will bypass the need to create the account with an email address.
    • Your OverDrive account serves a number of purposes, mainly simplifying the Adobe ID registration, which is how they manage the DRM. The account is also what syncs your progress, bookmarks and libraries, if for example you also use OCPLs digital catalog. 
    • You can have up to 6 devices synced to the same OverDrive account.
  • OverDrive has a number of instructional videos, including ones that introduce the digital catalog and the different apps. You can find them here
  • Need help with a specific device? Try OverDrive's Help pages.





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