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Youth Development



ADAPEP Staff Competencies

In order to do the ADAPEP job, counselors need specialized skills and knowledge. The following is a list of competencies which all ADAPEP staff need to develop. New personnel may not have all of these competencies immediately, but over time they will be expected to develop them through staff development and training



  • Understand the Bio-Psycho-Social model which explains the reasons for and consequences of risky behavior, including the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Understand the multi-faceted concept of "prevention" -- what works; what doesn't.
  • Be knowledgeable of the life skill areas which make up the basis of our classroom or group instruction: stress, communication, decision-making, age-appropriate information and self concept (character) development, media literacy, emotional literacy.
  • Be able to write an interactive lesson plan complete with objectives and with process experience built in (small group work, activities which engage students, etc.).
  • Be knowledgeable about best teaching practices.
  • Be a resource to staff re: information and agencies

Counseling Tools

  • Be familiar with child abuse reporting procedures and understand the possible repercussions of making a report from the school, family, and child's perspective.
  • Be able to communicate with parents, staff, and administration regarding program issues.
  • Be able to communicate with parents on issues related to their children.
  • Have an understanding of group dynamics and be able to facilitate a small group discussion.
  • Be able to link people/schools to community resources.
  • Do crisis/pre-crisis interventions/referrals.
  • Know how to access information.
  • Understand the legal issues surrounding confidentiality.
  • Prepare and monitor service plans.


  • Have an understanding of resiliency, protective factors, and how to increase them.
  • Understand the issues connected with being a child from a chaotic, alcoholic or substance-abusing family.
  • Understand the emotional needs of students and their effects on behavior and learning.
  • Understand the many factors which place kids at risk for using substances.


  • Understand the effects of advertising on young people.
  • Understand the impact of poor social adjustment: bullying, inability to make friends, anger management, ADHD and anxiety.
  • Understand the concept of peer leadership and why it works.
  • Appreciate the many ways that peer leadership can be implemented.
  • Understand the concept of positive alternatives.


  • Understand the genetic components to the disease of addiction.
  • Understand the issues related to being the child of an alcoholic or other substance abuser.
  • Know the basic classifications of drugs and some examples of each (hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, inhalants, etc.).
  • Know the signs and symptoms of adolescent (pre-adolescent) use and abuse.
  • Understand the biological benefits of popular drugs

ADAPEP Staff Responsibilities

  1. Implementation of the district workplan and workplan review.
  2. Planning and implementation of primary prevention activities for students.
  3. Meeting with the building principal or his/her designee periodically to review your program and whether it meets his/her expectations.
  4. Interacting with school personnel, parents, pupils, and community groups to foster an understanding of the prevention of alcohol and other drug use.
  5. Providing resources for classroom teachers for substance abuse prevention.
  6. Individually counseling students in order to prevent alcohol/drug abuse or to intervene in drug/alcohol related problems.
  7. Communicating with community organizations and agencies for the purpose of program coordination and making referrals.
  8. Maintaining close communication with the ADAPEP program director and building administrator to enhance the proper functioning of the total program.
  9. Maintain records that are mandated by OASAS.
  10. Continually update program with newest information and methods in the field of alcohol and substance abuse.
  11. Other activities as approved by the Program Director and building administrator.

ADAPEP Staff Listing




Janel Payette - Coordinator OCM BOCES Main Campus 433-2660
Kathy Miller - Consultant OCM BOCES Main Campus  




Chittenango Julie Baran - Bolivar Road Elementary 687-2880
  Edward Blanch - Middle School 687-2816
  Colleen Davis - Bolivar Road Elementary 687-2880
  Andrea Diglio - Bridgeport Elementary 687-2280
  Lisa Murray - Chittenango High School 687-2903
East Syracuse-Minoa Janel Herrington - Fremont Elementary 434-3480
  Kasi White - East Syracuse Elementary 434-3850 (ext. 4572)
Fabius-Pompey Ashlea Erwin - Middle/High School 683-5460
Jamesville-DeWitt Will Hartley - JD High School 445-5256
  Heather Meyer - JD Middle School 445-8267
Jordan-Elbridge Kerry Brogan - Jordan-Elbridge Middle School 689-8520 (ext. 2013)
LaFayette Kristeen Cool - Junior/Senior High School 677-7849
Renee Pierce - Grimshaw Elementary 677-3152
Liverpool Anna Cusimano - Morgan Road Elementary 453-1268 (ext. 3048)
  Joelle Feinberg - Donlin Drive Elementary 453-0249
North Syracuse Joanna McClellan
Allen Road Elementary
Bear Road Elementary
Lakeshore Road Elementary

  MaryBeth Muster - Gillette Road Middle 218-3026
  Rachel Prikazsky
Cicero Elementary
Roxboro Road Elementary
Smith Road Elementary

  Catherine Sullivan-White - Roxboro Road Middle 218-3306
Onondaga Central TBD - Wheeler Elementary
Amy Stanton - Junior/Senior High School
OCM BOCES Kristin Brangman - Innovation Tech 453-4417
Skaneateles Marcy Weed - Waterman Primary School 291-2223
Solvay Karen Pickett - Elementary School 488-5422
Syracuse Diocese Jillian McMahon - Immaculate Conception School 470-1456
  Janet Driscoll
Blessed Sacrament School
Cathedral Academy at Pompeii
St. Mary's Academy

  Jacqueline Musto
Most Holy Rosary School
St. Rose of Lima School

Tully Jennifer Newton - Junior-Senior High School 696-6238
West Genesee TBD - Split Rock Elementary 487-4656
  Susan Hayes-Penhollow - Stonehedge Elementary - Gold 487-4631
  Gina Dixe - Onondaga Road Elementary 487-4653
  Gretchen Rose - East Hill Elementary 487-4648
  Susan Sheehan - Stonehedge Elementary - Blue 487-4633
Westhill Tammy Hollis-Breen
Cherry Road

426-3300 (ext. 3337)