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OCM BOCES Inducts 112 into NTHS at Cortlandville Campus

OCM BOCES recently inducted 112 Cortland-area students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students that qualify for induction into the technical honor society represent the “best of the best” in CTE programs.
To be inducted into the technical honor society students must have an 85 average or higher, 12 or fewer absences from their program for the year and receive a teacher endorsement. Students must also demonstrate attributes that include: respect, honesty, skill, responsibility, leadership, service and citizenship. 
Following is the complete list of students inducted for membership in 2019 by their home school districts. Their OCM BOCES program of studies is listed in parenthesis.

Cincinnatus Central School District:
Ethan Falciola (Automotive Technology), Jeffrey Rice (Construction Technology), William VanWagenen (Construction Technology), Logan Warner (Cosmetology), Makenzie Rice (Health Occupations Technology), Chelsea Smith (Health Occupations Technology), Katelynne Clark (New Vision Medical Professions), Timothy Aitchison (Welding Technology)

Cortland Enlarged City School District:
Kitana LaVancher (Automotive Collision), Michael Larson (Computer Technology), Michael Millar (Computer Technology), Samuel Davis-Howard (Construction Technology), Holly Vallese (Construction Technology), Allison Bishop (Cosmetology), Kailee Burnham (Cosmetology), Malena Darling (Cosmetology), Austin Schmidtka (Cosmetology), Emilie Sherwood (Early Childhood Education), Jazmin Barber (Graphic Communications), Aaliyah Malloy (Health Occupations Technology), Cassie Roulstin (Health Occupations Technology), Christopher Allen (New Vision Environmental Science ), Larkin Schumacher (New Vision Environmental Science ), Nicolette Starmer (New Vision Environmental Science ), Lily Devlen (New Vision Medical Professions), Meredith Meagley (New Vision Medical Professions), Lindsey Smith (New Vision Medical Professions), Melany LaFlair (Physical Therapy Professions)
Deruyter Central School District:
Cameron Judson (Automotive Technology), Louie Glisson (Construction Technology), Anastasia Glisson (Cosmetology), Morgan Lawrence (Cosmetology), Adrien Ratliff (Cosmetology), Amber Stedwell (Cosmetology), Aaron Glisson (Graphic Communications), Portia Krichbaum (Health Occupations Technology), Tayler Marshall (New Vision Medical Professions)
Fabius Pompey Central School District:
Angela St.Germain (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Hanna Weslowski (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Kaleigh Chartrand (Early Childhood Education), Novella Tummino (Early Childhood Education), Julia Taubman (Health Occupations Technology), Mark Bush (New Vision Environmental Science), Dylan Fredenburg (New Vision Environmental Science)
Homer Central School District:
Lane Quaile (Automotive Technology), Drew Bilodeau (Computer Technology), Brian Eustice (Computer Technology), Benjamin Hyde (Computer Technology), Nicholas Parker (Computer Technology), Zachary Small (Computer Technology), Joshua Markley, Jr. (Construction Technology), Colin McNeill (Construction Technology), MaryZsaGina Harris (Cosmetology), Gabrielle McCall (Cosmetology), Hannah Roberts (Early Childhood Education), Callie Tyler (Early Childhood Education), Alex Neff (Graphic Communications), Branden Riley (Graphic Communications), Holiday Sanders (Graphic Communications), Michael Carter (New Vision Environmental Science), Gabriel Cline (New Vision Environmental Science), Jenna Esposito (New Vision Environmental Science), Jacob Guy (New Vision Environmental Science), Charles LaBarre-Lines (New Vision Environmental Science), Jacob Marsh (New Vision Environmental Science), Danielle Adams (New Vision Medical Professions), Wendi Contento (New Vision Medical Professions), Maranda Hurchla (New Vision Medical Professions), Erica Novello (New Vision Medical Professions), Leah Reiner (New Vision Medical Professions), Rachel Sahm (New Vision Medical Professions), Ally Hammond (Physical Therapy Professions), Damien Hoyt (Physical Therapy Professions), Maya Stoddard (Physical Therapy Professions), Brianna Ussery (Physical Therapy Professions), Ryan Case (Welding Technology), Kaden Ryan (Welding Technology)
Marathon Central School District:
Kassandra Farr Automotive (Collision), Sebastian Rafferty (Computer Technology), Sullivan Whiting (Computer Technology), Brittney Emeigh (Cosmetology), Sierra Ostrander (Cosmetology), Jaime Shutts (Cosmetology), Zoe Carter (Early Childhood Education), Stephanie Drake (Early Childhood Education), Darien Shepard (Early Childhood Education), Theresa Wyak (Early Childhood Education), Matthew Mattern (New Vision Environmental Science), Johnathon Mann (Welding Technology)
Marcellus Central School District:
Abigail Ryan (New Vision Environmental Science), Angelina Van Camp (New Vision Environmental Science)
McGraw Central School District:
Ethan Clendenning (Computer Technology), Chase Curtis (Construction Technology), Santana Deckard (Cosmetology), Evan Czimback (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Alyssa Libbey (Early Childhood Education), Samuel Parks (Welding Technology)
Tully Central School District:
Logan Bedford (Construction Technology), Kaitlyn Hayes (Cosmetology), Tarissa Hiltbrand (Cosmetology), Kaitlyn Morgan (Cosmetology), Mariah Curtis (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Vincent Geiss (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Timothy Zilberman (Culinary and Pastry Arts), Alexander Wiers (Graphic Communications), Rachael Kirk (Health Occupations Technology), Jacob Dietz (New Vision Environmental Science), Alexia Hotchkiss (New Vision Medical Professions), Maria Murray (New Vision Medical Professions), Margaret Picciano (New Vision Medical Professions), Karley Shaffer (New Vision Medical Professions), Mackenzie Delles (Physical Therapy Professions)
Cortlandville Campus NTHS Cortlandville Campus NTHS
Cortlandville Campus NTHS Cortlandville Campus NTHS
Cortlandville Campus NTHS Cortlandville Campus NTHS