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OCM BOCES inducts 107 into National Technical Honor Society

The Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services (OCM BOCES) recently inducted 107 Syracuse-area students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students who qualify for induction into the NTHS represent the top-performing students in a wide variety of Career & Technical Education programs.
To be inducted, students must have an 85 grade-point average or higher, 12 or fewer absences, and a teacher recommendation. Students must also demonstrate attributes that include respect, honesty, skill, responsibility, leadership, service and citizenship.

Here is the complete list of students who were honored March 27 in a ceremony at Barbagallo’s restaurant in East Syracuse. Their OCM BOCES program of studies is listed in parenthesis.
Baldwinsville Central School District: Madison Archer (Early Childhood Education), Julia Atkins (Physical Therapy Professions), Michael Bombard (Construction Technology), Taylor Bushnoe (Early Childhood Education), Colleen Chiesa (Cosmetology), Courtney Clute (New Vision Medical Professions), Declan Coe (Laboratory Technician), Vincent Cosme (Automotive Technology), Breanna Jernigan (Cosmetology), Natalie Long (Cosmetology), Taylor Lundblad (Cosmetology), Cydney MacConaghy (Cosmetology), Juliet Manchester (New Vision Medical Professions), Francesca Naples (New Vision Medical Professions), Quinn Sweeney (New Vision Medical Professions)
Chittenango Central School District: Jonathon Burns (Automotive Technology), Zachary Chapman (Computer Technology), Tyler Dines (Automotive Technology), Michael Eisinger (Laboratory Technician), Lillian Ellison (Early Childhood Education), Courtney Fisher (Health Occupations Technology), Anya Freedman (Culinary Arts), Morgan Gilchrist (Cosmetology), John Hess (Culinary Arts), Alexis Hladun (Cosmetology), Jacob Joyal (Computer Technology), Samantha Kinney (New Vision Criminal Justice), Joshua Marshall (Laboratory Technician), Justine Wittwer (Health Occupations Technology)
East Syracuse Minoa Central School District: Andaria Hill-Oviedo (Health Occupations Technology), Linda Nguyen (New Vision Medical Professions), Emily Petrowski (Physical Therapy Professions),
Fabius-Pompey Central School District: Evan McCarthy (Laboratory Technician)
Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District: Hanna Breen (New Vision Medical Professions), Taqaneessa Desmond (New Vision Criminal Justice)
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District: Maya Clewis (Early Childhood Education), Nico Grosso (Computer Technology), Thomas Moade (Automotive Technology)
LaFayette Central School District: Joshua Tillinghast (Construction Technology)
Liverpool Central School District: Isabella Barner (New Vision Criminal Justice), Troy Brown (Automotive Technology), Alexandra Cobb (Cosmetology), Evan Cronk (Construction Technology), Jude Deschamps (Culinary Arts), Andrew Saffioti (New Vision Criminal Justice), Hannah Thibault (Early Childhood Education)
Marcellus Central School District: Luke Boskovski (Media Marketing Communications), Sophia Donalds (Physical Therapy Professions), Tora Fey (Health Occupations Technology), Christopher Hyatt (Construction Technology), Kyler Kociela (Construction Technology), Evan Kurfis (Construction Technology), Eva Linder (New Vision Medical Professions)
Mexico Central School District/Solvay DHH: Tonaya Gorton (Early Childhood Education)
North Syracuse Central School District: Lauryn Abar (Early Childhood Education), Brooke Andrews (Cosmetology), Nicole Buccina (Cosmetology), Megan Buchanan (Physical Therapy Professions), Shannon Bucher (Physical Therapy Professions), Coby Castle (Culinary Arts), Dominic Dionne (Computer Technology), Alexis Dishaw (Health Occupations Technology), Trinity Drozdz (Computer Technology), Mackenzie Fassett (New Vision Medical Professions), Ashley Flint (Health Occupations Technology), Wolfgang Groetz (Computer Technology), Jada Hackett (Culinary Arts), William Hillick (Construction Technology), Jillian Himes (Laboratory Technician), Ryan Hinman (Automotive Technology), Nacole LaVancha (Health Occupations Technology), Dante Malcott (Health Occupations Technology), Maria Miles (Early Childhood Education), Natasha O'Neill (Early Childhood Education), Andrew Penoyer (Automotive Technology), Jeffrey Perks (Computer Technology), Rosalee Restani (Early Childhood Education), Joseph Rodford (Automotive Technology), Ivah Tsounis (Cosmetology), Katerina Zampini (Early Childhood Education)
Onondaga Central Schools: Thomas Fitzgerald (Computer Technology), Lindsey McClure (Automotive Technology)
Solvay Union Free School District: Caitlyn Bianco (Health Occupations Technology), Kaiya Gulliver (Early Childhood Education), Dominique Roberts (Laboratory Technician), Peyton Ross (Early Childhood Education)
West Genesee Central School District: Spencer Fletcher (New Vision Medical Professions), Warren Furbeck (Culinary Arts), Nicholas Giachetti (Automotive Technology), Daniel Gill (New Vision Criminal Justice), Madison Gross (Health Occupations Technology), Madison Hogan (New Vision Medical Professions), Cameron Hokanson (Computer Technology), Kyle Raichlin (Automotive Technology), Jadin Thomas (Automotive Technology), Jala Williams (New Vision Medical Professions), Taryn Williams (New Vision Medical Professions), Jacob Winters (Automotive Collision)
Westhill Central School District: Mohammad Amer (Laboratory Technician), Laura Avery (Cosmetology), Walker Blossey (Physical Therapy Professions), Bianca Brown (New Vision Medical Professions), Anthony Case (New Vision Medical Professions), Thomas McCloat (Laboratory Technician), Ester Ososkalo (Laboratory Technician), Madison Schoonmaker (Cosmetology), Stephanie Wheeler (Health Occupations Technology)
NTHS Graduation
NTHS GraduationNTHS GraduationNTHS Graduation
NTHS Graduation
NTHS Graduation
NTHS Graduation
NTHS Graduation
NTHS GraduationNTHS GraduationNTHS GraduationNTHS GraduationNTHS GraduationNTHS Graduation