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New Vision Engineering Professions


  Program Description


Thompson Road Campus
6820 Thompson Road, Syracuse NY
Phone:  (315) 431-8503
Mellissa Muller, CTE School Counselor

New Vision Engineering Professions is a one-year, exciting and rigorous experiential college preparatory program designed for highly motivated high school seniors who want to explore a future in engineering. The program's holistic approach to education integrates Engineering, English, Participation in Government, and Economics high school credits into one active learning participatory experience. The program also includes six possible English college credits from Onondaga Community College. All classes are held in a New Visions Engineering classroom located at Lockheed Martin in Syracuse. As part of the program, students work with engineers at Lockheed Martin in several engineering discipline rotations, including mechanical, electrical, systems, and software. Students extend their classroom learning as they engage in real-world learning in an industry setting and study the fundamentals of engineering as they work side-by-side with engineers on projects in advanced technologies.

New Vision students complete an application and interview process in collaboration with their home district that includes transcripts, an essay, and letters of recommendation. Students spend on average 2.5 days in the classroom for high school credit, 1.5 days a week working with Lockheed Martin engineers, and 1 day in college English courses per week. The goal of the program is to develop students' interpersonal and technical skills; provide a deep understanding of the design process; and prepare students for success in an engineering college and beyond. In the classroom, students get a broad overview of engineering concepts and disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, environmental, aerospace, bioengineering, chemical, industrial, computer engineering and computer science.

Available Academic Credits & Certifications 
High School Credits
  • 3 Engineering Careers
  • 1 English 12, ½ Participation in Government, ½ Economics, 3 English
Onondaga Community College Credits
  • English 259, Technical Writing
  • English 103 Freshman Composition
In addition to students attending four-year colleges and universities upon completion of this program, students also have the opportunity to enroll in a “two plus two” program at Onondaga Community College at a more affordable price. In this “two plus two” program, students would attend OCC for two years, then transfer to the Rochester Institute of Technology or Clarkson University for the remaining two years.
Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Math & Science Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Technical Writing
  • Computer Science & Software
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials & Fabrications
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
Interested in learning more?
These articles offer an inside look at this program through interviews with students, the instructor, student alumni and Lockheed engineers and managers.

In the end, I learned more from our New Vision Engineering classes than I could have ever hoped for and thoroughly believe that I made the right choice in picking this program.

- Matt

The concepts I’ve learned concerning empathy, honesty, candor, and flexibility between modes of thought will surely lead me through my next developmental years of college and beyond. My hope is that with these ideas as a written foundation, I can build off of them and truly live them to a greater capacity. This class has made me think about how I can use my career path as not just a fulfillment for me, but for the world around me.

- Stephan

The New Vision Engineering Program has taught me many valuable skills and lessons that I will continue forward in my life. This course has not only helped me make new friends but completely opened my mind to possibilities for my future education and career plan.

- Juliana

This year, being in the New Visions Engineering program has taught me many things. It has not only taught me who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to do; but it has also exposed me to recognize the importance of and how to empathize, communicate, and truly listen.

- Sara

After an entire school year in this class, I truly understand how much of a privilege it was to be able to participate in this experience. As a result of the ideas and skills that I’ve taken away from this class, I believe I’m more prepared for my transitions into college and into future careers. The experience of this class will be one I never forget, and I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of it.

- Brandon

Applying for acceptance in the New Vision Engineering Program was one of the best decisions of my high school career.

- Hahmier

I learned what it means to be a true engineer. I got real hands-on experience from all the projects and activities. I feel prepared. I feel as if I have an idea of what to expect once I arrive at college.

- Brooke

Throughout this course, I have learned a lot about how much of the world around us is connected in ways we never realized.

- Autumn

Self-discovery is a powerful idea that I took away from this class. It has allowed for me to understand how and why I operate in the ways I do and how to be more productive as a person when working towards my goals.

- Brandon