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Nearly 200 CTE students qualify for National Technical Honor Society

OCM BOCES recently inducted 84 Syracuse-area students inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students that qualify for induction into the technical honor society represent the “best of the best” in CTE programs. The Syracuse-area induction ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 20. An induction ceremony for Cortland-area students will take place on Wednesday, April 4. Ninety-one Cortland-area students will be inducted at that ceremony
To be inducted into the technical honor society students must have an 85 average or higher, 12 or fewer absences from their program for the year and receive a teacher endorsement. Students must also demonstrate attributes that include: respect, honesty, skill, responsibility, leadership, service and citizenship.

Following is the complete list of students inducted for membership in 2018 by their home school districts. Their OCM BOCES program of studies is listed in parentheses.
Baldwinsville Central School District: Laura Adams (New Vision Medical Professions), Levi Barnes (Laboratory Technology), Serina Bower (Cosmetology), Adam Cooper (Automotive Technology), Jeffrey Heffron (Media Marketing Communications), Isabellah Hightower (Laboratory Technology), Ariana Hubbard (Physical Therapy Professions), Alexis Huff (New Vision Medical Professions), Shaelyn Parnell (New Vision Criminal Justice), Sarah Pfeiffer (New Vision Medical Professions), Bryanne Reynolds (Early Childhood Education), Lindsay Sacco (New Vision Criminal Justice), Lisette Sherard (Physical Therapy Professions), Shelby Stisser (Physical Therapy Professions), Alyssa Tucker (Health Occupations Technology) and Amanda Walser (Physical Therapy Professions).

Pictured left: Shelby Stisser, an OCM BOCES Physical Therapy Professions student from the Baldwinsville Central School District, with her mother.

Cazenovia Central School District: Nathaniel Tainter (Culinary Arts).
Chittenango Central School District: Brittany Adams (Early Childhood Education), Baylie Bertella (Health Occupations Technology), Kaylei Brownell (Health Occupations Technology), Kaylee Howard (Early Childhood Education), Macayla Irwin (Health Occupations Technology), Cynthia Leonard (Health Occupations Technology), Shayla Muncy (New Vision Medical Professions) and Gavin Wandersee (Media Marketing Communications).
Cincinnatus Central School District: Kolby Aitchison (Computer Technology), Brandon Bush (Welding Technology), Destiny Bushnell (Physical Therapy Professions), Parker Maricle (Welding Technology) Carlecia McUmber (Cosmetology), Hunter Metzler (New Visions Medical Professions), Shaunie Mitchell (Cosmetology), Madison Nate (Cosmetology), Hailee Rice (Cosmetology), Mary Rose (Graphic Communications Technology), Austin Rutan (Welding Technology), Bradley Standish (Welding Technology) and Deeann Witty (Culinary Arts).
Cortland Enlarged City School District: Kyle Behrenfeld (New Vision Environmental Science), Anessa Blumenfeld (Cosmetology), Kelsey Gibbons (New Vision Medical Professions), Julia Gutierrez (Cosmetology), Maggie Hall (New Vision Environmental Science), Cameron Landon (Culinary Arts), Colbie Lockwood (Welding Technology), Kassandra Mack (Early Childhood Education), Erikesha Martin (Culinary Arts), Reanna Moran (Early Childhood Education) Antonia Murray (New Vision Medical Professions), Taylor Oaks (Cosmetology), Nathaniel Price (Automotive Collision Technology), Andrew Randall (Welding Technology), Corbin Ryan (Welding Technology), Caitlin Snell (New Vision Medical Professions), Allee Soos (New Vision Environmental Science), Derek Southwick (Construction Technology), Joseph Southworth (Welding Technology), Marissa Sweet (Cosmetology), Madison Wooldridge (Culinary Arts) and Mathew Yacavone (Automotive Collision Technology).
DeRuyter Central School District: Owen Custer (New Vision Environmental Science), Elizabeth Losaw (Culinary Arts), Dante Newton (Computer Technology) and Christopher Ufford (Welding Technology).
East Syracuse Minoa Central School District: Kathleen Bayly (New Vision Medical Professions), Samantha Short (New Vision Medical Professions) and Samantha Valentine (New Vision Medical Professions).
Fabius-Pompey Central School District: Lacee Bigtree-Deziley (Health Occupations Technology), Lauren Burton (Cosmetology), Erica Pilcher (Cosmetology) and Brendan Wertz (Construction Technology).
Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District: Eugene Golovanyuk (Computer Technology).
Homer Central School District: Kristie Adams (Graphic Communications Technology), Dexter Brown (Automotive Technology), McKenna Bush (Early Childhood Education), Jack Church (Welding Technology), Caley Cornwell (Physical Therapy Professions), Kimberly Duda (Physical Therapy Professions), Juliana Evangelista (Cosmetology), Jacqueline Fitch (Health Occupations Technology), Madison Guy (Physical Therapy Professions), Sunny Guyette (New Vision Environmental Science), Kala Johnson (New Vision Medical Professions), Brenna Johnson (Physical Therapy Professions), Jasmine Joseph (Health Occupations Technology), Dakota Kleefeld (New Vision Environmental Science), Allison Kristof (New Vision Medical Professions), Conner Lake (Computer Technology), Katelyn Lawrence (New Vision Medical Professions), Emily Levitskiy (New Vision Medical Professions), Zackary McCall (Automotive Collision Technology), Devin McCall (Computer Technology), Hunter O'Gorman (New Vision Environmental Science), Anthony Parker (Automotive Technology), Lucas Payne (New Vision Environmental Science), Kyle Ryan (Computer Technology), Thomas Spinner (Culinary Arts), Gretta Stockwin (Physical Therapy Professions), Chloe Whittington (New Vision Environmental Science), Ethan Whittington (New Vision Environmental Science) and Brooke Williams (Graphic Communications Technology).
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District: Charlie Reynolds (Automotive Collision Technology) and
Scarlette Viefhues (Laboratory Technology).
LaFayette Central School District: Caitlin Campbell (Cosmetology).
Liverpool Central School District: Justin Akmentins (New Vision Criminal Justice), Kylie Bolick (Health Occupations Technology), Mark Canino (New Vision Criminal Justice), Sophia Cittadino (Cosmetology), Angela Crisafulli (New Vision Medical Professions), Kory Flora (Culinary Arts), Marissa Johnson (Health Occupations Technology), Tiffany Marino (Cosmetology), Jakob Mullikin (New Vision Criminal Justice), Alexis Pinczes (Construction Technology) and Aryanna Supino (New Vision Medical Professions).
Marathon Central School District: Mary Corbo (Cosmetology), Ashley Hulbert (Cosmetology), Bruce Storey (Welding Technology), and Natalie Thomas (New Vision Medical Professions).
Marcellus Central School District: Ashley Bealer (New Vision Criminal Justice), Hanna Dellostritto (New Vision Criminal Justice), Bridget Fogarty (New Vision Medical Professions), Kate Morris (Media Marketing Communications), Courtney Otis (Physical Therapy Professions), Morgan Stevens (Cosmetology) and Sydney Spanfelner (Physical Therapy Professions).
McGraw Central School District: Hanna Bilodeau (Cosmetology), Brandon Jones (Computer Technology), Mason Jones (Culinary Arts), Larissa Little (Cosmetology), Abigail Maricle (Computer Technology), Lyndsie Neville (Culinary Arts) and Jerred Stedwell (Culinary Arts).
North Syracuse Central School District: Bailey Bienkowski (Computer Technology), Ashley Braun (New Vision Medical Professions), Michael Bruzgulis (Physical Therapy Professions), Miranda Burdick (Early Childhood Education), Hannah Devaney (Cosmetology), Christina Hance (Early Childhood Education), Ashley Hanlon (Early Childhood Education), Kaitlyn Lippert (New Vision Criminal Justice), Cynthia Lucia (Culinary Arts), Alexis Olney (Cosmetology), Zackary Peregoy (Computer Technology), Hayley Schwarz (New Vision Medical Professions) and Mya Sewell (Physical Therapy Professions).
Tully Central School District: Joshua Canaan (New Vision Environmental Science), Shelby Cox (Cosmetology), Jackson Deal (New Vision Criminal Justice), Michael DuVall Jr. (Welding Technology), Elena Fecco (New Vision Criminal Justice), Katie Mulroy-Francey (Graphic Communications Technology), Michael Potter (Automotive Technology), Elaina Weisbrodt (Health Occupations Technology), Tyler White (New Vision Environmental Science) and Edwin Young (Computer Technology).
West Genesee Central School District: Kiara Aponte (New Vision Medical Professions), Marissa Balduzzi (Laboratory Technology), Margaret Bingham (New Vision Criminal Justice), Alison Cox (Media Marketing Technology), Jordyn Crysler (New Vision Medical Professions), Gillian McCaffrey (Health Occupations Technology) and Kevin Nolan (Construction Technology).
Westhill Central School District: Alejandro Amaya (Computer Technology), Luke Bardenett-McDowell (New Vision Medical Professions), Christopher Costello (Media Marketing Communications), Noah Craven (Physical Therapy Professions), Leah Diefendorf (Cosmetology), Alexander Gere (New Vision Criminal Justice), Kayla Helfeld (Cosmetology), Alex Ladstatter (Media Marketing Communications), Haley Mikus (New Vision Medical Professions), Marlena Murphy (New Vision Medical Professions), Isabela Radio-Rodriguez (New Vision Criminal Justice), Tyler Ten Eyck (Media Marketing Communications).