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OCM BOCES launches GO GREEN challenge


Sarting today, January 27, employees at OCM BOCES will be challenged to ramp up their recycling efforts and use less energy through the new “Go Green Challenge.”
In a nutshell, the Go Green Challenge is meant to be a fun but ruthless competition to see which OCM BOCES building can demonstrate the largest improvement in energy reduction and recycling efforts by the end of the school year. Bonus points will be awarded for special sustainability projects. The goal is to make our work environment healthier and more sustainable for future generations.
What’s at stake?
  • Staff and students in the winning building will take home the coveted (and repurposed) GO GREEN CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY LAMP to display in their building until the next winner is announced.
  • More importantly, all occupants of the winning building shall enjoy a free and delicious PIZZA PARTY (with recyclable pizza boxes) to celebrate their win.
Who’s competing?
Students and staff in these buildings:
  • CNYRIC (Rodax 1, 2, 3, 7, 8)
  • Crown Road Campus (CTC)
  • Cortland Alternative School
  • Henry CTE Building
  • Henry Student Services Building
  • Henry O&M /Central Receiving Buildings (combined)
  • Main Campus
  • McEvoy Center
  • Seven Valleys New Tech Academy
How will it work?
An OCM BOCES Sustainability Committee, made up of representatives from each building, has created a baseline graph for current energy use and recycling activity in each building. This grid will be updated periodically to show each building’s level of improvement. This graph, as well as details about how these improvements will be measured, are outlined on a special Go Green web site.
The web site also offers tips on how OCM BOCES employees – or anyone – can help their workplace become a healthier and more sustainable environment.
So the game is on – and good luck to all!