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Last winners
Go Green 2.0 champions - Henry Campus

Go Green 2.0 Champions Pull Off Last Minute Victory

The results are in! Our Go Green 2.0 challenge was a nail-biter with many buildings taking the lead at various points in the four-month race. In the end, however, this year’s championship goes to .... the Henry Career & Technical Education Building at our Thompson Road Campus! Because of their measured and effective efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste, all students and staff will be treated to a pizza party for their victory. They will also receive the coveted Go Green trophy lamp, which is now on display at McEvoy, the building that won last year. Please check out our Go Green web site to find how your building fared. Were you in second place? Last? Wherever your building ended up in the competition, we hope you will continue your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle for the good of OCM BOCES — and the planet.


OCM BOCES Building Sustainability Progress

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Green Tips

  • For the winter months with cooler weather, open shades whenever possible (especially over the weekend or holidays) to maximize possible solar heating.

  • Don’t block invents in classrooms and offices.

  • OCM BOCES sustainability efforts in 2016-17 have resulted in an annual savings of $10,000 because we were able to reduce the size of dumpsters and the frequency of pick-ups!

  • Replace Zip-Loc bags with reusable containers.

Program Highlight: Can the Can

Congratulations to the CNYRIC, which started a successful and clever "Can the Can" program which has resulted in coveted purple bonus points for the Go Green Challenge. According to Go Green committee representative Louis Lardear, employees at the RIC were challenged to give up their personal trash cans/recycle bins and walk to some common trash/recycling stations. Brenda Mickol put the idea before the committee. As a result, the RIC prepared its own “Can the Can” campaign with its own mailings and a web site. Employees who volunteer and sign up receive this sign placed outside their cubicle, which means custodians can pass over that cubicle when it comes to trash collection.

Consider a project to answer this question…

What is one thing that you (and/or your students/department colleagues) will commit to doing differently to make a difference in reducing the OCM BOCES carbon footprint?


Trash Talk

Dear Trash Talk:
What happens if my recyclables get wet in the rain or snow?

When paper and cardboard get wet, their quality deteriorates and most recycling agencies will not accept them. If it's going to rain or snow, and your recycling bin does not have a lid, save your recyclables for the next pickup day. Source:

Have a question for Trash Talk? Send an email to a member of our SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE so we can answer the question here.


Each building has a representative on our OCM BOCES Sustainability Committee. Ask them! For your building, contact: