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OCM BOCES Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)
Work has begun on an APPR Plan for the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES in accordance with Education Law 3012-c. You can follow the progress of the work and contact committee members through this site. When the APPR is settled, you will be able to turn to this page for information and resources about our APPR Plan. Scroll down to view the Principal APPR Committee resources.

OASYS Directions

Meeting Agendas
Committee Membership
  • Veronica Budelmann, Teacher, Alternative Education, vbudelmann@ocmboces.org
  • Karen Clark, Director/Principal of Alternative Education, kclark@ocmboces.org
  • Tracie Clark, Teaching Assistant, Special Education, tclark@ocmboces.org
  • Jessica Cohen, District Superintendent, jcohen@ocmboces.org
  • Beth Cooper, Principal, Special Edcuation, ecooper@ocmboces.org
  • Jeff Craig, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services, jcraig@ocmboces.org
  • Nancy Diniro, Teacher, Special Edcuation, ndiniro@ocmboces.org
  • Steve Duffy, Principal, Alternative Education, sduffy@ocmboces.org
  • Cindy Foran, Teacher, Adult Education, cforan@ocmboces.org
  • Tom Garni, Teacher, Career & Technical Education, tgarni@ocmboces.org
  • Rosanna Grund, Director of Special Education, rgrund@ocmboces.org
  • Bonnie Hulslander, School Audiologist, Special Education, bhulslander@ocmboces.org
  • Robert Leslie, Director of Career & Technical Education and Adult Education, rleslie@ocmboces.org
  • Deborah Vibbard, Teacher, Special Education, dvibbard@ocmboces.org
  • Colleen Viggiano, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, cviggiano@ocmboces.org
  • Terri Wood, Teacher, Special Education, twood@ocmboces.org
Meeting Agendas
Committee membership
  • Lisa Marie Carter
  • Jessica Cohen
  • Jeff Craig
  • Steve Duffy
  • Phillip Grome
  • Rosanna Grund
  • Annemarie Rossomano
  • Colleen Viggiano
Last updated on 3/6/2015
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