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Quality Indicators

The Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center (RSE-TASC) network is one of Office of Special Education's primary resources for school improvement in New York State. The Quality Indicator Review and Resource Guides are a series that were developed for use by the former SETRC network to guide their work in assessment of programs and provision of professional development, support and technical assistance to districts and schools to improve results for students with disabilities.

The Guides are intended to be used to support a process that includes:

  • Assessing the quality of a school district’s instructional programs and practices in the areas of literacy, behavioral supports and interventions; and delivery of special education services;
  • Determining priority need areas; and
  • Prescribing and planning activities to change practices and improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Embedded throughout the Quality Indicator Tools/Guides are many, many activities and strategies to improve literacy, academic performance, student behavior, and teacher instructional practices covering grades K-12. “Look-fors”, essential questions, and suggestions for measuring student achievement and documenting implementation of best-practices are also provided. In addition, you will find links to websites and suggestions for resources and materials to support your efforts to improve student performance and achievement. Please take a moment to review the QI Tools, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Quality Indicator Review and Resource Guides


(updated April 2011)

Behavior Supports & Interventions

(updated Nov. 2011)

Special Education Instructional Practices

(updated Jan. 2012)

Instructional Environment



CSE Process & IEP Development






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