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OCM BOCES Science Center Resource Page

Science Safety - webpage related to safety practices and links to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for product information.

Science Center Unit Resources

This list contains links to individual kit resources located on a grade level page. Where feasible, there are links to SJ and BLM files, FYIs, web sites and PD resources for teachers related to science content.

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Science Center Communication List

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Our goal is to keep teachers informed by emailing program related info, notices or reminders.

Science Kit Book List

List Link
This is a link to a PDF file that references published leveled readers that relate to each of the kit titles. New Feature: If you download (save) the PDF to your PC, you can use embedded Bookmarks to jump to specific kit titles. (Adobe Reader 9 and later versions, open bookmark list from the left margin.)

Book List Source Information
This is a regularly updated list of local contacts for each of the publishers listed in the "Science Center Book List".

NYS Education Department

  • NYS Core Curriculum: Science
    Elementary Level
    Intermediate Level
    These are links to PDF files that contain the Key Ideas, Performance Objectives and Major Understandings related to the NYS Core Curriculum for Elementary (K - 4) and Intermediate (5 - 8) Level Science.
  • NYSED Science Home Website
    NYS Education Dept.
    A link to the state website related to science education.  You will be able to locate testing information, curriculum information, notices and letters, as well as, an archive of past tests.
  • NYS ELS and ILS Assessment Info (Admin Manual, archive of past tests, Test Samplers ...)
  • NYS ELS and ILS Test Samplers

Science Teacher Organizations

Local Resources