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Magdhi Hill, '24: U.S. Air Force veteran embraces future as an electrician


Magdhi Hill, ‘24: U.S. Air Force veteran embraces future as an electrician

March 22, 2024

Magdhi Hill recalls the moment that first inspired him to enroll in OCM BOCES’ adult education Electrical Maintenance Technician program. 

“Growing up, we bought a fixer-upper house,” he said. “We got a whole house—the basement, first story, second story and attic—and we bought it for $6,000.” 

Hill’s family lived in the home, which had been destroyed by a fire, and made repairs one project at a time. 

There was one repair, however, that the family wasn’t willing to do itself.

“My dad always tried to do whatever he could by himself because we didn’t have a lot of money,” he said. “But he definitely had to pay those electricians.”

After graduating from the Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School in 2014, Hill tried his hand at a few different majors in regional colleges and universities. Unsure of his direction, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 2018 and served for four years.

Upon leaving in 2022, Hill’s Transition Assistance Program service manager suggested he explore becoming an electrician. In August 2023, he enrolled in OCM BOCES’ adult education Electrical Maintenance Technician program.

Overall, Hill had a “really good experience” in the 25-week program with instructor Lawrence “Larry” Casey.

“I think where (Casey) shines is his experience and time in the field—you can tell he’s very connected,” Hill said. “He knows where you can look to get a job and is just a valuable person to have in your network.”

Upon graduating from the class in March 2024, Hill received a job offer for a Senior Assembler at Lockheed Martin. He plans to accept, pending a security clearance and a few other requirements. He’s excited about embarking on a new career with a stable income.

“I always ask people if they know what their dream life looks like day to day,” he said. “Mine is to have a good job where I work, vacation, and not worry about money.”