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SchoolTool: Getting Started


SchoolTool Mobile Application: Getting Started

Parents and students can log in to see information about current schedules, assignments, and attendance, depending on the district options.

To get started using the SchoolTool mobile app, you will need the website (URL) and the login account provided by your district (this is the parent or student portal account that you use to access SchoolTool).


1.Download and install the SchoolTool mobile app

From the App Store
(for Apple devices)
From the Play Store
(for Android 4.0 and higher)

2. After installing and opening the SchoolTool mobile app, enter your Schooltool credentials and click the login button.

  • URL: Enter the URL (website) used to access Schooltool
  • Username: Enter your Schooltool username (for parents, this is your email address)
  • Password: Enter your Schooltool password

Select the “Stay logged in” option if you do not want to enter this information each time you access the app.


After logging in successfully, you will be presented with a home screen that shows data for each student you have access to.

The student’s current location in school is displayed, which includes the period, class time and course name.

  • To view additional information for a student, click on the student.
  • Courses: displays the student schedule
  • Contacts: displays the adult contacts for the student
  • Grades: displays report card grades and comments
  • Assignments: displays course assignments and grades
  • Attendance: displays daily and classroom attendance

To view information in any of these areas, simply click on the data you want to view.

Please Note: As you view the various screens, the content may extend beyond what you see on the screen. Please scroll down to ensure you have viewed all the data.


Courses View: this defaults to “Today’s Schedule” and lists the classes that meet for the current date, along with the meeting times (periods).

  • To view the entire schedule, click on “Full Schedule”
  • The “Full Schedule” displays all classes the student is scheduled to take for the current school year.
  • There is also an envelope icon, which enables you to email the teacher for the specified course.

Contacts View: this displays the adult contacts for the student, along with the contact information. To view the address information for the contact, click the down arrow.


Grades View: this displays the marking periods in which the students are graded. To view the report card grades and comments for a student, select the appropriate marking period.


Assignments View: this displays the assignments for the classes the student is enrolled in.

  • Use the “Filter” icon to select the marking period assignments you want to view.
  • This view defaults to displaying the assignments by date. To view the assignments by course, select the “By Course” option.


Setting Schooltool Mobile App Notifications

To set-up automatic notifications when there are updates to your child’s record in Schooltool, go to Settings, from the menu option.

Enable or disable the appropriate notifications, based on your preference.